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Does Polly Want A Parrot?
Many management books taught the best way to get people to like you was to mirror them, repeat words back at them or mirror their body language. If a leader poses a question to a group and nods their head, is the expectation for the rest of the group to nod back in agreement? Or if one person compliments someone by saying, I just love your outfit, is the expectation for the other person to say thank you; and then follow up with compliment back to the other person. To be sociable, are we becoming too much of a "Like," society of parrots who seems to agree with everyone and everything put out there in our face because of fear that others won't like us? For example, one person places a photo of a bunny on Facebook and everyone who is a friend is expected to like that bunny. Are people afraid of offending someone or the group if they don't like the bunny? Is it okay not to be a parrot and repeat likes and the three letter word yes for fear one will be alienated as not a team player?
What about blog posts? If one person always posts ... more

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