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Myths about life and home
Myths about Life and Home Does talking to your plants actually help them grow? Well, yes it does. This is because while you are talking to them you are breathing carbon dioxide on them. Plants use carbon dioxide for food through photosynthesis. Do I need to wait 2 hours after I eat to go swimming? No. A half hour is long enough. 30 minutes is plenty of time to prevent the cramps that swimming can cause. Does sitting too close to the television ruin your eyesight? It can cause eye fatigue; similar to sitting in front of a computer screen or reading for hours. So it's not really a factor in diminishing eyesight. Does lightning ever strike twice? Yes. The taller something is and the closer it is to the sky, the more likely it is to attract a bolt of lightning. The odds are pretty slim that this would actually happen, but there is nothing that would prevent lightning from hitting the same spot twice. If you make a funny face for too long, will it stay that way? Nope. The muscles on your face are connected muscle to muscle, not like the muscles on say your thigh, which attach ... more

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