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Samsung & Verizon Genius Marketing Tactic!
So I may or may not become a victim to the latest Samsung & Verizon Marketing Ploy!
This is my opinion on how it goes...
VERIZON TO SAMSUNG: "We need to boost sales:
SAMSUNG TO VERIZON: :"Let's push out an update that damages a phone so it is nearly unusaeble", We Will Call Is Marshmellow cause they are after all a sticky mess"
VERIZON TO SAMSUNG :" Brilliant!!  Then pretend to send out patches to fix the issues so it appears like we care"
SAMSUNG TO VERIZON :"Will do! and we have to keep pointing the finger at each other to totally abuse the consumer until they buy a new hand set"
So I am on my 4th handset in about 2 weeks, same issue with each handset.  The phone plays a game of roulette when it decides to fail,  could be at 68% battery life or may be 19% battery life.  It just keeps cycling through the boot up and the only way to stop it is pull the battery or plug it in.
Verizon says it is Samsung, Samsung says they can do nothing, even though it was their software that has made all of these phones worthless.
Samsung sent me to Best Buy to talk to their rep.
Rep said ... more

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