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Got a Georgia N.O.D? Get ready to wrestle!
A Georgia Notice of Default should never be ignored, but it may not lead to foreclosure if you keep your wits about you and investigate your options.
Sometimes we all hit a rough patch in life. Circumstances beyond our control can temporarily send our well-planned lives into a tailspin. Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts to meet our monthly financial obligations, often robbing Peter to pay Paul....sometimes, we run out of money before we run out of month. And sadly, sometimes or mortgage payments get backed up. It happens, way more often than folks will readily talk about.
So you sashayed out to the mailbox on this sunny Georgia morning and got an unwanted surprise: your lender has issued you a dreaded Notice of Default! They are threatening foreclosure unless you pay up now.
Your hands begin to shake, the pit of your stomach seems to sink to the bottom of your feet, and the blood drains from your face. This seems like the worst possible thing that could happen right now.
Stop! Don't panic.While the understandable first reaction to a notice of pending foreclosure may be dread and despair, don't linger there. It may take a little wrangling, but you're not down for the count just yet. ... more

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