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The Fallacies of an Industry
School teaches us that 1 + 2 = 3, but A + B may not inevitably cause C
Logic, Webster’s defines the word as a science that deals with the principles and criteria of validity of inference and demonstration : the science of the formal principles of reasoning.
Logic is said to be a science and science itself is a methodical process of discovering and using facts to arrive at conclusions. The two are symbiotic. The Scientific Method is a set of procedures used to arrive at fact based conclusions or theories. The procedures rely on checks to ensure accuracy and to continue to expand and explore any knowledge gained. So what happens when science is corrupted in order to legitimize a theory or conclusion using false logic. There is a name for that as well, logical fallacy.
Logical fallacy is a “science” unto itself. Simply it is faulty reasoning and quite easy to do. People engage in logical fallacy quite frequently. All one need do is pick any social media websites or many news or informational outlets and logical fallacy is frequently in play. Often it is employed to further an agenda or point of view while disregarding evidence to the contrary. ... more

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