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Want to Grow? Seek Being Uncomfortable
Are things becoming too easy? Comfort is a killer and can lead to no growth in all areas of life.. A comfortable routine may be great for many, but take action and try something new to learn more about yourself. The discomfort you get from trying something new is pure growth. It opens up new opportunities and makes you realize you are making progress. You are adapting to the situation. The repetition of uncomfortable tasks will build your own comfort zone. Want to grow? It begins outside of your comfort zone.Taking risks, making new connections, and putting yourself out there will scare you short term, but long term will benefit you. The habit of consistent being comfortable needs to change if you want to grow. Every time you do something you are uncomfortable with, you grow. You Improve. You become more comfortable in the new environment or situation. Ask yourself, when was the last time you were out of your comfort zone? Make it a habit to challenge yourself on a weekly or even daily basis. You will be pushing your own boundaries, and begin shattering your own limiting beliefs about yourself.  Is there something you are avoiding? Are you procrastinating ... more

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