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Horse Property for Sale in Western Carolina: consider the value of the pasture.
Smart horse property buyers know the value of good pasturage so the wise property owner will maintain pasture not only for the health of their own horses but to insure the property's value remains competitive.
Understand How Grass Grows
Understanding how grass grows is an important step towards good pasture management.  The leaves of grass or blades of grass are the light absorption mechanism that produces energy from photosynthesis.  This energy is stored in the roots as carbohydrates and drawn on by the plant to produce growth.  When grass is grazed (or mowed) the leaves are removed reducing the plants ability to absorb light and energy.  With less absorption ability the roots begin to shrink as the carbohydrate reserves are depleted. 
Horses and People Damage Pasture
Horses and people can be hard on pasture health.  Overgrazing and heavy traffic reduce the health of pasturage.  If left to their own devises horse tend to graze their same favorite areas leaving the grasses in those areas little opportunity to replenish their roots.
Healthy Pastures Need Healthy Roots
There are five basic measures you can take to assist healthy root growth.
Use rotational grazing:  Give each area three to four weeks to recover. Mow less and cut grass high:  Mow ... more

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