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When Real Estate Marketing Copy Just Seems "Off..."
There's nothing glaringly wrong; you think you understand what the writer was saying; but somehow what you just read - or wrote - seems "off."
There's something wrong with it, but what?
Sometimes the problem is “parallel construction,” or rather lack of it.
What does parallel construction mean? It means that when you use 3 or more items in a series they need to match.They need to be all the same part of speech and the same tense.
If you saw a sentence such as "You need to stop, look, listening,” the error would jump right out at you. You'd instantly see the non-parallel word. When non-parallel words are used in a long sentence, they can be harder to spot. They just “feel wrong.”
Take this sentence for instance: “Our goal is to provide a high level of service by being attentive, proactive, and maintaining up-to-date market data.”
What’s wrong, and how can you fix it? These three items, separated by commas, are not parallel.
       Being attentive        Proactive        Maintaining data You understand the meaning, but the words are somehow jarring.
You could fix the sentence in two ways. You could write “…by being attentive, by being proactive, and ... more

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