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Scripts Work! Get Over The Aversion!
We’ve all had one of those experiences with a salesperson or customer service rep who is obviously reading from a script… and doing it poorly. Do you know why that’s a total bummer to me? Sure, it’s cringe-worthy and we feel embarrassed for the guy. But the real reason it bums me out is because good, capable salespeople will point to those examples to justify their opinion that scripts are bad. I’ve heard all the excuses/supposed reasons…
“Scripts are for newbies.”
“Scripts always sound fake.”
“Scripts are cheesy.”
“I don’t want to sound canned.”
“Using a script just isn’t me.”
But guess what?
When a great  real estate salesperson uses a script, you can’t even tell. It sounds like a normal conversation. If you’re looking to increase your conversion and book more appointments, it’s time to stop resisting and start taking advantage of what scripts have to offer. Today I’ve got three reasons and one important tip to convince you scripts are the quickest and best route to not only upping your conversion, but also creating more fulfilling personal interactions with your clients. If that sounds counter-intuitive to your perception of scripts, I urge you to keep reading…
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