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Being a RE Agent is like being a Stay At Home Mom
Ahhhh, to be a stay-at-home mom. Hanging around, playing with the kids all day. Taking naps. Watching TV. Eating snacks… perhaps some bon-bons. And then they get to have Mother’s Day. A whole day to be pampered and waited on. Like they need a day off, right?! It’s not like they have a real job…Must be nice having such an easy life, not having to work.
That’s pretty rude to say, let alone think, right?
And it’s ignorant.
You probably cringed reading it.
Depicting a stay-at-home mom that way has become less common…less tolerated.
But you’ve certainly heard them depicted that way at some point.
It’s no walk in the parkIf you do think the life of a stay-at-home mom is easy, you don’t even need to walk a mile in her shoes. Just offer to take her kids to the park for an hour or so. That’ll give you some perspective.
Sure, there’s fun and joy being at home with her children. But there’s also a whole lot of stress, worry, and frazzled nerves…and a whole lot of work.
Being a stay-at-home mom is no “walk in the park”. It’s busy days sandwiched between early mornings and sleepless nights. Often there’s an entire lack of understanding and appreciation ... more

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