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Ask An Ambassador: Rules Written & Unwritten
Any time you get a group of people together, you're going to find personality differences. 
Now let's form a group composed of real estate agents and the differences get magnified. 
You've got a bunch of strong willed individuals because real estate isn't for pansies is it?  You've got to work hard to get what's coming to you!  And sometimes that might mean stepping on some toes so get outta my way!!! (you've seen and met some of those type agents haven't you?).
Do I personally believe you have to be a (fill in derogatory description of your choice) to be successful?  Nope, I'm more of a Golden Rule person.  Treat people fairly and the rest will more or less take care of itself.
So how do you manage a community of extremes and keep everything on an even keel?  How do you avoid being just another Lord of the Flies group like so many real estate groups become?
In ActiveRain's case, you've got a well defined set of Community Guidelines that explicitly spell out expectations. 
The Community Guidelines are mostly common sense, but not everyone exercises common sense, so it's written out.  Run afoul of those rules enough times and you'll find yourself on ... more

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