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Taking it all in. Can plants in our bedroom help us breathe better?

Our bedrooms are meant to be a place we go to rest and have a good night’s sleep, but there are so many things that can disrupt this safe haven, including chemicals in the air and the lack of fresh oxygenated air. Keeping widows closed and having such well-insulated homes might keep us warmer, but little fresh air is able to come inside. And formaldehyde from carpets, benzene from paints and solvents, and trichloroethylene from dry-cleaned clothes pollute the air and can prevent us from getting the good night’s sleep we need. 
A wonderful solution to breathing easier at night is growing live plants in the bedroom. Many studies show that the leaves and roots of plants absorb pollutants into their cells, and even the microorganisms in the soil around the roots can absorb pollutants like cigarette smoke and solvent. 
Some people believe the myth that keeping plants in a bedroom while sleeping can result in those plants somehow ‘using up’ all the oxygen in the room and suffocating the unsuspecting sleeping person with the carbon dioxide produced as the plants ‘breathe’. 
The science behind it
In simple terms all plants and animals engage in a process called respiration. They do this by combining oxygen ... more

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