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Compounding is the Key to Wealth
Most people equate interest with debt. They know that they have an interest rate that they agree to pay in order to have access to money - whether on a loan or a credit card. But interest isn’t just something they pay, it is also something they can earn. Interest, especially compound interest, is a remarkable way to build wealth.
There are many ways to make money with money. It can be invested long or short term in many ways, each of which has the potential to make a little or a lot of money through interest. Here’s how:
Depending on where you place your money and the interest rate it earns, your initial investment or principle will generate a return. This return can be added to the initial investment and the cycle begins again - only this time, the interest is generated on the principal plus the additional money earned through interest. Doing this over and over creates a compounding effect that creates wealth passively. Combined with other wealth strategies, this is a powerful way to build wealth and experience the freedoms and choices that wealth brings.
Here are some typical and not-so-typical ways you can use compound interest to ... more

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