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Dirty Tricks Tenants Play . . .
Poor property management can take one of the most stable, secure, and profitable investments you can make, and turn it into a feat which is, as Earl Nightingale was wont to say, “More difficult than trying to juggle two skunks and a bobcat”.
Why all this focus on the underhanded gambits of tenants?  Are the majority of people applying for my rental properties out to trick or deceive me?
The answer, my friend, is absolutely not.  The majority of tenants that will apply for your properties are decent, honest, hardworking folks.  The problem is that their unethical counterparts move around a lot, thereby giving you a greater chance to encounter them than their proportion of the tenant pool would indicate. So onward to preparing you for these “tricks”.  Forewarned is forearmed!
Here are some of the most common “tricks” they will use to muddy the waters of their past history and therefore current stability:
Falsified rental history.  If done cleverly, this can be very difficult for the untrained landlord to detect.  A common technique is to list their rental history for a long period of time as “living with relatives”.  This is a favorite of the unscrupulous and unsavory because it is very hard ... more

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