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How Big? So Big.

Measuring the square footage of a house can sometimes be a mystery. Ask the seller how many square feet and you may get one answer. Ask the assessor how big, a second answer. Ask the appraiser and you may get even a different answer. Ask two appraisers and get two different answers.
Builders will often include square footage such as stairwells and utility closets in the living area. Assessors will often measure only the exterior perimeter of a building. Both may be incorrect when measuring for a residential appraisal.
How is square footage measured for appraisals? The unfortunate truth is that it depends on who’s measuring. The correct method for calculating the square footage of a home is determined by using the guidelines in ANSI standard Z765.
Many appraisers mistakenly round their measurements to the nearest foot. It makes the math easier, but it is improper procedure for an appraisal. Not all houses perfect squares. For houses with additions or cutouts, rounding to the nearest foot will impact the measurement. All dimensions of the house should be measured to the nearest inch or tenth of a foot; the final square footage is then reported to the nearest whole square foot.
ANSI Z765 also suggests ... more

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