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I couldn't resist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Attention all brownie lovers!  Sunday, Dec. 8th is National Brownie Day.
It’s believed that brownies were created by accident. The classic recipe only requires 5 ingredients: butter, sugar, chocolate, eggs, and flour. Brownies turnout fudgy when they have minimal amounts of flour and no baking powder. Melting the butter creates a denser, fudgier outcome. Brownies turnout cake-like when they have less butter, more flour, and baking powder. Creaming the butter incorporates air into the mixture, which causes the brownie to rise higher. Brownies turn out chewy when they have an extra egg and a combination of semi-sweet and unsweetened chocolates. You can bake chocolate-free brownies, which are called blondies. The largest brownie ever made weighed in at 3,000 pounds. There are a million different takes on the brownie recipe; including healthier swap-outs like applesauce and zucchini. There is a mythical creature called the “Brownie”. They are tiny, good-natured elves that do good deeds. Brownie points are a hypothetical social currency, accrued by doing good deeds which is thought to come from the “Brownie” mentioned above.  
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