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Ask An Ambassador: Semper Gumby!!
Back in my Navy days we had a saying: "Semper Gumby!".  Perhaps a play on the Marine Corps saying of "Semper Fi" (which was short for Semper Fidelis), "Always Faithful".
So you can probably put two and two together to get that Semper is Latin for Always.
And unless you're of a certain age you might have no clue about Gumby, either in the original cartoon form or the Eddie Murphy version from SNL (I'm typing and realizing just HOW LONG AGO ALL OF THIS WAS!!).
Bottom line, Gumby was a very flexible guy, thus "Semper Gumby/Always Flexible!" makes a lot of sense for military folks.  You make your best possible plans with the available information and then the real world intervenes and you'd best be Semper Gumby.
If you're in real estate (or anything associated), you know you have to also be Semper Gumby to succeed.
A lot can change in a day.
The home your buyers were THINKING about buying.  Under contract already.
The home you thought would have no problems at home inspection?  BIG problem.
The new construction home for your buyer that was going to close in a month?  Major plumbing flood, the builder is going to have to build them another home.
And that's without ... more

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