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Urban Legends and Internet Scams - Sorting Fact from Fiction
Urban legends have been a part of popular culture for years. We've all heard suspicious stories that supposedly happened to a "friend of a friend" but which couldn't be verified. Remember the story about Mikey, the LifeĀ® cereal spokes child, whose stomach allegedly exploded from mixing Pop Rocks and soda?*The Internet has added a new twist to the urban legend phenomenon by making these stories easy to spread to a large audience over a short amount of time. What's worse, these stories are often distributed in the form of a plea for help from an unfortunate victim who could be saved if you just contributed a few dollars.After the tsunami disaster, several fraudulent emails were circulated, some of which contained links to phony charity websites. The same problem occurred after September 11th. Whether it's a plea for money, an email containing false links, or a virus alert that isn't true, these scams have made it difficult to trust anything you hear via email. Here are some resources that can assist you with discerning what's real and what's not!Emails - The next time you receive a dire virus warning or a chain email promising great wealth, visit This website contains information ... more

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