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What is Really Causing Comsumer Confidence to Fail?
Today is October 17th, I just paid $2.91 a gallon for gas. All of my friends and family still have their jobs, and I'm not planning on touching my 401k for another 30+ years so I'm not really worried about my retirement. I would say 90% of people reading this blog are in the same position that I am.   Now, turn on your TV and flip on CNN or Fox News. Most of the stories are doom and gloom, how the "average" citizen is loosing their home, job, and retirement funds. Now the question that you should be asking yourself is why there is such a dichotomy between how the real average citizen is living vs the TV average citizen. What is causing this TV personality to be created. I think there's a simple explanation for this... 24 hour news networks. Gone are the day of a nightly news program where all of the World news is fit into an hour. Now, we have several different news networks who have to fill 24 hours of air time. Well, that's an exaggeration, they also have to fill commercial space. Which means they need more viewers to get their ratings up so ... more

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