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Do You Deserve Customer Loyalty? Ask Yourself Why...
So I picked up on an interesting thread on Twitter today by Nick Bostic over at Agent Genius.  He had written a very interesting post on Loyalty that I ended up commenting (ok... ranting) on, but it really made me think and do some serious Soul Searching.
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The post wasn't overly eloquent... well written... or one of Nick's best (No offense, I think he's a great blogger and really enjoy reading his columns over at Agent Genius) but something about it really stood out and made me think.  And most of all, it made me ask (and comment) on the question that follows:
"Do You Deserve Customer Loyalty... Ask Yourself Why?"
Below is the comment I wrote on the post.
Where I totally agree that there is rampant (what I call) follow-the-shiny-object loyalty out there, I think that one has to ask themself the question at the same time: “What have I done in the past, and currently, to deserve the loyalty of my consumer/client?” I worked in Real estate recruiting for a very long time, and if ever wanted to see a bigger lack of loyalty, that was it. Pay me a bigger split? ... more

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