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MOLD...Don't take it lightly.
Here is some information you might find useful in regard to MOLD.
mold cleanup article:,,20189808-2,00.html
 video from Discover Health about mold's effects:
Mold issues vary from annoying to harmful. If you have a mold issue, consult a professional.
 mold exposure symptoms:
    * Respiratory distress, coughing, sneezing, sinusitis    * Difficulty swallowing, choking, spitting up (vomiting) mucous    * Fibromyalgia    * Hypersensitivity pneumonitis    * Burning in the throat and lungs (similar to acid reflux and often misdiagnosed as such)    * Asthmatic signs; wheezing, shortness in breath, coughing, burning in lungs, etc.    * Irritable bowel syndrome (See fibromyalgia), nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pains    * Bladder, liver, spleen, or kidney pain    * Dark urine    * Dirt-like taste in m outh, coated tongue    * Food allergies/leaky gut syndrome/altered immunity    * Memory loss; brain fog (See fibromyalgia), slurred speech, sometimes leading to dementia    * Vision problems    * Swollen lymph20nodes    * Large boils on neck (Often a sign of Anaphylaxis)    * Thyroid irregularities    * Headaches    * Anxiety/depression (See fibromyalgia), heart palpitations - confusion, PTSD    * Extreme blood pressure, cholesterol, or triglycerides irregularities    * Ringing in ears, balance problems, dizziness    * Chronic fatigue    * Intermittent face flushing; almost always systemic ... more

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