investment properties silver spring md: Most Unexpected Expenses in Real Estate Investing - 01/15/13 02:16 AM
Most Commonly Overlooked Expenses in Montgomery County, MD Real Estate Investing / Image Credit: Stuart Miles / Buying investment properties in Montgomery County , MD takes serious financial commitment that requires special attention and knowledge.  Making rash decisions can cost you, taking you out of the black and into the red.
Some of the most common expenses that real estate investors in Montgomery County, MD overlook are:
Rise in Fees
Rise in Taxes
Rise in Special Assessments
Unexpected Repairs
While no one is expecting you to have a crystal ball, simply anticipating these potential increases can make a huge difference.  Certain things, such a condo … (3 comments)

investment properties silver spring md: 2013 Tax Changes for Real Estate Investors in Montgomery County, MD - 01/08/13 02:57 AM
2013 Tax Changes for Real Estate Investors in Montgomery County, MD / Image Credit: Now that Congress has finally reached a Fiscal Cliff Deal, real estate investors in Montgomery County, MD might have some adjustments to make.
As of January 1, 2013 the capital gains tax increased to 20 percent for individuals who have a taxable income and/or adjusted net capital gain in excess of $400,000 ($450,000 for couples)...but that's not all.  Last year, a 3.8 investment tax was passed with the Medicare overhaul that also took effect on the 1st. 
There's a lot to this 3.8 percent tax.  First, it applies … (0 comments)

investment properties silver spring md: New 3.8% Medicare Tax on Real Estate Investment Income - 11/27/12 08:38 AM
A new 3.8 percent tax will be imposed on some investment incomes starting January 1, 2013.  The details regarding this tax are very specific and will not affect everyone the same.  However, this is what the National Association of Realtors knows so far:
The tax will apply to some incomes derived from interest, dividends, rents (less expenses) and capital gains (less losses). Only individuals with an adjusted gross income above $200,000 or couples (who file jointly) with an adjusted gross income above $250,000 will be subject to this tax. The new tax applies to the lesser of: -              the investment income amount OR
-              the … (1 comments)

investment properties silver spring md: Buy Real Estate Investment Properties Before 2013 to Increase Your ROI - 11/20/12 01:55 AM
In the world of real estate investing, cold months are often met with a groan.  Freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and heavy winds can wreak havoc on Silver Spring, MD homes and their owners.  However, these next few months bring promise of great opportunities as well.
·         Less Demand
With fewer buyers actively searching homes, you'll have less competition and more bargaining power.
·         Spring Ready
Since it's not uncommon for rehab properties to require several months worth of renovations, now is the perfect time to start a new project and have it ready for the spring market.
·         Lower Prices
As I mentioned before, you'll have … (0 comments)

investment properties silver spring md: Market Report for Real Estate Investors in Silver Spring, MD - 11/13/12 09:33 AM
The National Association of Realtors is predicting continued home value increases based on current market trends of low inventory, high demand, and reduced foreclosure activity.  In addition, real estate economists also anticipate residential rental rates to rise over the next few years due in part to inflation, and in part to the number of displaced Americans who are still recovering from the housing crisis.
Specifically, NAR chief economist Lawrence Yun recently stated that he expects...Continue Reading Market Report for Real Estate Investors in Silver Spring, MD

investment properties silver spring md: Cashflow Potential vs. Location - 11/06/12 04:05 AM
If you are in the business of real estate investing, you are probably familiar with the mantra:  location, location, location.  You can change the color of the walls, the interior furnishings...even a home's layout, but you cannot change the location.
A home's proximity to reputable schools, shopping, business centers, amenities and entertainment add significant value to the rent amount.  Tenants are often times willing to compromise on size, upgrades and general finishes of a home in order to live in desirable neighborhoods. 
But is there ever an instance when cashflow potential can trump location?  Continue Reading Cashflow Potential vs. Location

investment properties silver spring md: How to Get Investment Financing for Silver Spring, MD Real Estate - 10/29/12 11:22 PM
Getting investment financing for Silver Spring, MD real estate can be tricky.  Thanks to stringent lending practices and wary banks, investors face more hurdles than owner-occupants when trying to get a loan. 
Despite the fact that one in every five homes is sold to a real estate investor, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency still mandates that financing for single family rentals is treated the same (with respect to risk) as commercial real estate loans, not residential loans. 
According to a recent bulletin released by the OCC, “Borrowers may finance multiple properties through one or more financial institutions but underwriting standards and the complexity … (0 comments)

investment properties silver spring md: Foreclosures in Silver Spring, MD - 10/21/12 11:18 PM
If you’re a real estate investor who would like to search foreclosures in Montgomery County, MD, then you might be interested in a concise market report:
Silver Spring is leading the way with...Continue Reading

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