curtains:  Redecorate Your Homes to Bring in the Vibe This Memorial Day - 05/26/22 12:07 AM
Our Memorial Day special curtains and accessories will help kick off the summer in style. The day unofficially marks the start of the season. On the day, most families prefer enjoying backyard barbeques, outdoor picnics and Al Fresco dinner parties. Of course, the day is about remembering the men and women who sacrificed their lives for the country. Therefore, a proper tribute incorporates patriotic motifs, and all American red, white and blue.
Best Ways to Decorate Your Interior on Memorial Day
Enlisted are some ways of choosing the best curtains for your summer interiors. We have put these curtains on sale so that … (3 comments)

curtains: Kitchen Valance Ideas - 04/22/22 01:32 AM
The term “valance” has been derives from the Old French word “avaler”, meaning “to descend”. Valance are short length curtain fabric or wood, hanging from the top of the window used in covering curtain or window blind fittings.
A window valance adds softness and style to your kitchen window. It can be hung with or without curtains or blinds. A valance is a great option when you want to accentuate your windows without committing to full curtain panels. Check out our 35 best kitchen valance ideas to see how much ambience they can add to your kitchen decor. 
Here are some excellent ways … (2 comments)

curtains:  Style of Curtains in Farmhouses and Cabins - 03/27/22 03:16 AM
Once you have figured out where you are willing to install the curtains and the purposes they serve, you can find a set that would look genuinely great without much hassle.
In the recent years, farmhouse style has become an absolute fan favorite. However, popularity does not always make the design process easier. In fact, if you are trying to create a charming farmhouse, you have probably realized that popularity is an asset and a drawback. The modern take on the farmhouse and cabin look creates schemes slick enough to suit contemporary lifestyles and uses a controlled palette of colors. However, it … (2 comments)

curtains:  How can Someone Bring in Earthy Tones by Curtains Colors? - 02/23/22 02:51 AM
Earthy tones are comfortable, rich looking and warm that adds harmony and coziness to your home environment. These colors remind us of the falling leaves in the harvest season. Whether smooth and sophisticated, rough and rustic, or dainty and feminine, the earthy tone palettes go with almost all types of décor. It all depends on the specific hues you select and the style of the home elements you purchase. Using the lighter versions of earth tones creates a more lustrous and natural look.
Earthy Hues: Where to Use the Tones
You can choose from a variety of tones for your décor. Ginger, copper, … (0 comments)

curtains: Ideas for Modern Valances - 01/22/22 02:21 AM
When it comes to home décor, window treatments can affect the feel of your entire room. A window valance is a short curtain or drapery responsible for covering only the upper part of the window. These are popular choice for those who want to conceal their curtain rod and hardware. You can even combine the valances with other window treatments to impart an attractive look to the windows.
Long gone are those days when people use to hang shirred, polyester valances that looked cheaper in your home. Nowadays, the valances are modern, tailored, and matches the décor of the entire house. From … (2 comments)

curtains: Are Valances Out of Style?Are Valances Out of Style? - 01/10/22 05:25 AM
While most people consider valances are out of style and fashion, many people are using valances. It shows that the window highlight is alive and infused in all spaces with a dose of softness, elegance, and charm. No one knew that the valances could serve the brass fixture as the ultimate comeback artist.
What is a Valance?
A valance is a window treatment installed at the top of the window. Often people use terms like a topper or top treatment or refer to a valance. You can use the valances alone on a window, or you can combine them with draperies, shades, and … (1 comments)

curtains: What Is Velvet Fabric And How Do These Fabrics Make Beautiful Curtains? - 12/25/21 12:02 AM
We often use the term “velvety”, meaning soft. The word takes its meaning from its namesake fabric, velvet. The soft, smooth fabric is the epitome of luxury. For several years, velvet has always been a fixture of home décor and fashion design. Besides, the high-end feel and appearance of the fabric make it an ideal fabric for fantastic design.
What is Velvet Fabric?
Velvet is a luxurious, soft fabric characterized by … (0 comments)

curtains: Are Custom Drapery Really Worth It? - 12/11/21 04:12 AM
Despite the flourishing market for shades and blinds, the timeless classic beauties, curtains, and drapes continue to rule over the heart. The draperies serve as the best window treatments when all fail to work. Besides, they add a luscious and luxurious look and feel to your interiors and add a warmth and softness to your décor, which indeed lifts any spirit. The full-length curtains running from the ceiling to the floor offer an elegant and regal look to your interiors. Undoubtedly, the sheer charm of the draperies keeps the market for curtains and draperies unchallenged.
  Reasons Why Customized Draperies are the … (3 comments)

curtains: Which colored curtains go with green walls? - 11/22/21 10:23 AM
White Curtains
White curtains are always a timeless and classic color that never goes wrong. It is a great option if you are looking for something light and cozy. Opt for sheer white curtains with some metallic elements if you do not want to impart a simple look to your room. Alternatively, you can also go for a white patterned look, which elevates the look and feel of the room.
Yellow Curtains
The brightness of yellow represents positive energy. When you pair it with the freshness of green, it brings an electrifying thrill to your interiors.
Ruby Red Velvet Curtains
Green and red are opposite to one another, making them … (3 comments)

curtains: What is Jacquard Fabric and Curtains? - 11/22/21 10:09 AM
Every fabric has a story, and Jacquard is no exception. The fabric’s story offers the shape and takes everyone back to the time of textile weaving. The luxury material traces back to the early brocade weaves of the Byzantine Empire and makes an impression as an essential wardrobe staple. Let us drive deep to discover more about this timeless fabric.
The History of Jacquard Fabric
In the early days, weaving fabric required two people to work in large and heavy looms. The brocade fabrics were rich and intricate. Therefore, weaving the fabric was extremely slow and time-consuming. Numerous inventors worked to create a … (2 comments)





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