customcurtains: Ideas for Modern Valances - 01/22/22 02:21 AM
When it comes to home décor, window treatments can affect the feel of your entire room. A window valance is a short curtain or drapery responsible for covering only the upper part of the window. These are popular choice for those who want to conceal their curtain rod and hardware. You can even combine the valances with other window treatments to impart an attractive look to the windows.
Long gone are those days when people use to hang shirred, polyester valances that looked cheaper in your home. Nowadays, the valances are modern, tailored, and matches the décor of the entire house. From … (2 comments)

customcurtains: Are Valances Out of Style?Are Valances Out of Style? - 01/10/22 05:25 AM
While most people consider valances are out of style and fashion, many people are using valances. It shows that the window highlight is alive and infused in all spaces with a dose of softness, elegance, and charm. No one knew that the valances could serve the brass fixture as the ultimate comeback artist.
What is a Valance?
A valance is a window treatment installed at the top of the window. Often people use terms like a topper or top treatment or refer to a valance. You can use the valances alone on a window, or you can combine them with draperies, shades, and … (1 comments)

customcurtains: What are Roman Blinds? - 12/17/21 05:52 AM
A Roman blind is a soft-cloth-based window treatment that operates via a threaded rod. When you open the window treatment with the help of the rod, it forms neat “pleats” or panels. While most people believe that these window treatments became popular in Rome and Italy during the height of the Roman Empire, these blinds exist as popular window treatments. Roman blinds stand as an affordable option compared to the curtains.
People also call Roman blinds by other names like window shades and roman shades, and come in two well-known styles- the less-made ‘Austrian’ and the common ‘classic.’ These blinds are both … (4 comments)

customcurtains: Are Custom Drapery Really Worth It? - 12/11/21 04:12 AM
Despite the flourishing market for shades and blinds, the timeless classic beauties, curtains, and drapes continue to rule over the heart. The draperies serve as the best window treatments when all fail to work. Besides, they add a luscious and luxurious look and feel to your interiors and add a warmth and softness to your décor, which indeed lifts any spirit. The full-length curtains running from the ceiling to the floor offer an elegant and regal look to your interiors. Undoubtedly, the sheer charm of the draperies keeps the market for curtains and draperies unchallenged.
  Reasons Why Customized Draperies are the … (3 comments)





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