velvet curtain:  How can Someone Bring in Earthy Tones by Curtains Colors? - 02/23/22 02:51 AM
Earthy tones are comfortable, rich looking and warm that adds harmony and coziness to your home environment. These colors remind us of the falling leaves in the harvest season. Whether smooth and sophisticated, rough and rustic, or dainty and feminine, the earthy tone palettes go with almost all types of décor. It all depends on the specific hues you select and the style of the home elements you purchase. Using the lighter versions of earth tones creates a more lustrous and natural look.
Earthy Hues: Where to Use the Tones
You can choose from a variety of tones for your décor. Ginger, copper, … (0 comments)

velvet curtain: What Is Velvet Fabric And How Do These Fabrics Make Beautiful Curtains? - 12/25/21 12:02 AM
We often use the term “velvety”, meaning soft. The word takes its meaning from its namesake fabric, velvet. The soft, smooth fabric is the epitome of luxury. For several years, velvet has always been a fixture of home décor and fashion design. Besides, the high-end feel and appearance of the fabric make it an ideal fabric for fantastic design.
What is Velvet Fabric?
Velvet is a luxurious, soft fabric characterized by … (0 comments)

velvet curtain: Christmas Curtain Ideas - 12/06/21 09:48 AM
Welcome, December! Yes, Christmas is fast arriving, and it is high time when you all should start decorating your homes. It is the time of the year, when plenty of things come to mind. Besides, the “to do” lists seem not to end. From buying gifts for friends and family to decorating your Christmas tree beautifully and hanging those mesmerizing sparkling lights from the rooftop, you have much to do.
Well, everyone wants to change the look and feel of their interior, especially the living room, as the décor of your living room is sure to grab your guests’ attention on Christmas. … (3 comments)





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