window treatment:  Style of Curtains in Farmhouses and Cabins - 03/27/22 03:16 AM
Once you have figured out where you are willing to install the curtains and the purposes they serve, you can find a set that would look genuinely great without much hassle.
In the recent years, farmhouse style has become an absolute fan favorite. However, popularity does not always make the design process easier. In fact, if you are trying to create a charming farmhouse, you have probably realized that popularity is an asset and a drawback. The modern take on the farmhouse and cabin look creates schemes slick enough to suit contemporary lifestyles and uses a controlled palette of colors. However, it … (2 comments)

window treatment: Christmas Curtain Ideas - 12/06/21 09:48 AM
Welcome, December! Yes, Christmas is fast arriving, and it is high time when you all should start decorating your homes. It is the time of the year, when plenty of things come to mind. Besides, the “to do” lists seem not to end. From buying gifts for friends and family to decorating your Christmas tree beautifully and hanging those mesmerizing sparkling lights from the rooftop, you have much to do.
Well, everyone wants to change the look and feel of their interior, especially the living room, as the décor of your living room is sure to grab your guests’ attention on Christmas. … (3 comments)

window treatment: Which colored curtains go with green walls? - 11/22/21 10:23 AM
White Curtains
White curtains are always a timeless and classic color that never goes wrong. It is a great option if you are looking for something light and cozy. Opt for sheer white curtains with some metallic elements if you do not want to impart a simple look to your room. Alternatively, you can also go for a white patterned look, which elevates the look and feel of the room.
Yellow Curtains
The brightness of yellow represents positive energy. When you pair it with the freshness of green, it brings an electrifying thrill to your interiors.
Ruby Red Velvet Curtains
Green and red are opposite to one another, making them … (3 comments)

window treatment: What is Jacquard Fabric and Curtains? - 11/22/21 10:09 AM
Every fabric has a story, and Jacquard is no exception. The fabric’s story offers the shape and takes everyone back to the time of textile weaving. The luxury material traces back to the early brocade weaves of the Byzantine Empire and makes an impression as an essential wardrobe staple. Let us drive deep to discover more about this timeless fabric.
The History of Jacquard Fabric
In the early days, weaving fabric required two people to work in large and heavy looms. The brocade fabrics were rich and intricate. Therefore, weaving the fabric was extremely slow and time-consuming. Numerous inventors worked to create a … (2 comments)

window treatment: What are blackout curtains used for? - 11/16/21 06:17 PM
If you purchase a new drapery for your bedroom, it is best to opt for a blackout drapery. Here’s why:
Saves energy
Most people opt for central heating during the evening, especially when everyone is in their home. However, about 25% of your room’s heat escapes through the windows. Blackout curtains help the room retain all its heat and reduce energy costs.
Blocks sunlight
Blackout drapes are an excellent choice if you want to block the sunlight. Blocking the sunlight gives you a pitch-black bedroom, which is an ideal sleeping environment. During the summers, these drapes keep the heat of the sunlight away from the room and avoid overheating.
Blocks … (4 comments)





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