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Emily Medvec Realtor® provides Santa Fe Real Estate solutions and opportunities for buyers and sellers in all price ranges. This blog is about why I love Santa Fe, New Mexico and real estate.



What does a Santa Fe Realtor, who recently learned by taking the hottest quiz in real estate, What Animal Am I, do next when they discovered they are an enterprising crocodile now driving on the way to get their car washed before a Sunday Open House... when all of sudden they encounter a tribe o...
Dreaming about Santa Fe? Downsizing? Tired of rising gas prices? Need the Wood Gormley School District? Looking for no interior steps? Or want to age in place in a subdivision near the hospital complex? This answer is "yes" to those questions and benefits and could be your reason not to miss thi...
Every now and then I see eye to eye with a bird. Especially, since this winter in Santa Fe has gone from cold to warm to artic cold to feeling almost like spring. Frankly, it is very confusing every morning to figure out just what to wear that I can wear all day. Birds do not have those thoughts...
About the only thing Santa Fe and Serengeti share is the letter S. The climate zones, the geography, the cultures and everything in between is different. Yet, somehow the gift of a book, Surviving Your Serengeti, the challenge of a self-discovery quiz, the marketing genius of the book launch tie...
As our new landscape of real estate becomes more solidly online, the opportunities for scam artists appear to increase by the minute. This morning I received an email from a buyer who wanted to purchase a $300,000 to $600,000 home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. At first glance, it sounded normal until...
Did you know that New Mexico is one of 16 states which does not currently require home inspectors to be licensed. In addition, there are no training and education requirements in place for anyone to set up a home inspection business. The 50th New Mexico Legislature began its 60-day session on Jan...
Splish, splash I was taking a bath on a Sunday morning before an open house - actually it was my car. Although I was pressed for time, the thought of my car with mud on it from any of the number of dirt roads I drive on daily was not the impression I wanted to create on one of our rare, cloudy a...
Now if this image were a billboard in the sky, perhaps more Realtors® would stop and pay more attention to where real estate buyers are online and what they are doing there. Today, according to the National Association of Realtors® (NAR), more than nine out of ten home buyers use the internet as...
Once again Uncle Kodak is challenging me to save trees and move into a paper-less world. This challenge has got my virtual assistant lizards back to work coming up with some new ideas to change how I practice real estate in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The problem as they see it is I keep buying paper!...
Every now and then a call to action to Realtors makes a difference quickly. The 50th New Mexico Legislature began its 60-day session on January 18, 2011. Some of our elected representatives quickly focused on real estate. One example was Senate Bill 320 Real Estate Installment Contract Act. This ...

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