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Emily Medvec Realtor® provides Santa Fe Real Estate solutions and opportunities for buyers and sellers in all price ranges. This blog is about why I love Santa Fe, New Mexico and real estate.



If you ever wonder why blue doors, gates and windows often rule and appear ubiquitous in Santa Fe, New Mexico, then here is the rest of the story as best as I can tell it. First, blue is blue is blue is not always the case. Why? Blue in New Mexico can be the sky, turquoise, or a variation on the...
Today, I am free and off duty from real estate only because of these men and women who have sacrificed their lives to make a difference in mine. This image is from the Santa Fe National Cemetery where these flags will remain for one week following today, Memorial Day. The headstones shown here a...
I will be the first one to admit how challenging it can be in our new landscape of real estate to make the time to cook a healthy meal and be thankful for the opportunity. I think real estate drives the carry-out industry as we are constantly juggling appointments, racing between showings and in...
  The Santa Fe NM Multiple Listing Service Market Report or Snapshot is always a good indicator of activity and trends in our local market. The information is close to real time and today's report this evening revealed the following summary. The numbers will give you a glimpse into the current ac...
  This series began as a "wordless" one and overnight is evolving into something more. Everything we do is like throwing a pebble in a pond. It creates ripples and frequently changes what we do next. And this is very true in the way we "take" pictures. The technology has evolved to a place it is ...
The Santa Fe Plaza and its infamous Plaza Cafe in the same spot since 1904 changed its name this week to the Pico Mundo Grill and moved without moving to the fictional town of Pico Mundo, California. This can only happen in the movies and that was exactly what was happening as the filming for Od...
There is not a day that ends without a story, at least that is my experience. In this new landscape of real estate there is often too many stories by the end of the day. Often we lump them in the good, the bad and ugly categories. What we sometimes forget is how the day begins... story free. For...
One of the great things about real estate is that it is a people business. Where ever you find a crowd of people, the odds are you will find a Realtor. You can find me in this crowd on Santa Fe's Historic Plaza behind the camera. One of the great things about selling real estate in Santa Fe is t...
Do you love movies and Santa Fe? Did you know that Santa Fe is becoming a very busy location and film destination? Here is what is happening tomorrow on the new movie streets of Santa Fe, New Mexico. "Odd Thomas" a Dean Koontz novel, about a Millennial short order cook who talks to dead people is...
Do you ever wonder what happens to your spirit when you can not see the sky and her basket of clouds? I do. One can not begin to understand New Mexico without realizing how the sky defines the land and mountains below. Every day it brings a range of different light, a theater of cloud forms and ...

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