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Emily Medvec Realtor® provides Santa Fe Real Estate solutions and opportunities for buyers and sellers in all price ranges. This blog is about why I love Santa Fe, New Mexico and real estate.



I treasure the first hour of falling snow in Santa Fe. Everyone is usually rushing to the supermarket or gas station and missing the moments of how nature paints with snow. This scene caught my attention across the street from the main post office as the storm moved into town just before dusk to...
First Community Bank in New Mexico was acquiried by U.S. Bancorp operating as U.S. Bank after being seized by FDIC regulators on another one of their FDIC Friday actions on January 28, 2011. This lender was the 11th taken over this year making it a busy January for the FDIC. Of course, now Santa...
Woolgathering is often what I do when I want to access my imagination. At times I wonder if I have sheep DNA or a past life relationship. Most people think woolgathering is actually gathering wool. And that is quite logical as it turns out the word originated in 1553. In those pre-internet centu...
They break every rule at the end of every day or so it seems. No matter where I am or what I am doing there is some trigger that goes off in my mind to make me take notice of the sun setting over Santa Fe. On some evenings, it is as if the clouds and sky want to move west in a bright blaze of gl...
Now it appears the online landscape of real estate is shifting too. The recent announcement of Google's shift in management followed by their end of Google Base tells me there is more to this story. This blog by Maureen McCabe in Ohio raises some food for thought.Good Bye Google Base Just yesterd...
She Did What? I know, I really have to pay attention to those talking lizards on my desk. My partner has a tendency to move them around creating surprises. Today is no exception. This 100K journey has been a turning point in my discovery of so many terrific people on Active Rain. Without their t...
Do things like this happen to you? I know this image is not a thing. It is a cat and one who appeared on the top of my car roof as if to hitch a ride. I was simply checking on one of my listings when I heard a loud meow. And there she was sitting on my car, not in a tree or on her car, but on my...
Somewhere someone is swinging a golf club near you. As you drive by a Country Club course like this one in Santa Fe, New Mexico, know anywhere between the first green and the 19th hole someone swinging a golf club. Or they may be in the in the Clubhouse for lunch or at the 19th hole celebrating ...
Has real estate stopped your imagination? Are you making time to smell the flowers in this new landscape of real estate? I confess, I have an imagination addiction. I am tethered to a camera and I love flowers. I am curious as to what they are suggesting when they catch my eye. Frequently, it is ...
When it comes to explaining why a house is not selling, there is no longer a need to re-invent the wheel. Dave Conners in Prescott, Arizona has some good visual reasons to consider and put into action in this new landscape of real estate.10 Reasons Your House Is Not Selling.  A few days ago I wro...

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