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Emily Medvec Realtor® provides Santa Fe Real Estate solutions and opportunities for buyers and sellers in all price ranges. This blog is about why I love Santa Fe, New Mexico and real estate.



What is your online experience of trust? How do you trust online? Is it all about the avatar? Faces in blocks are not often the true picture of the whole person. We all know people are social networking online. A recent peek at Facebook statistics reveals 800 million active users who manage to u...
Every now and then, I encounter a home that is forgotten but not gone. There seems to be something about northern New Mexico architecture that makes live on beyond generations of inhabitants. This abandoned house is an example. It was once a home hand-made of adobe bricks. By adobe, I mean actua...
Are you looking for a Santa Fe luxury foreclosure home? There are currently only 5 luxury foreclosed homes valued at over one million dollars left on the market today. The story does not end there. Three homes are in the 87506 zip code. There is only one luxury foreclosure in the 87505 and 87501 ...
Looking For a Home In Santa Fe With A 3 Car Garage? Stop Now! Here is what the stats say about homes on the market with 3 car garages. There are currently 111 homes on the market with a 3 car garage. The story does not end there. The highest price home with a 3 car garage is $9,900,000 and the lo...
What is it about daydreaming cats? Do they know more than we know? It sure seems like it. They always know a good place to settle down for the afternoon and dream. One other thing is for sure, they are not online, of course, unless we put them there. Is our love for telling stories in pictures v...
It seems like every day, I receive a inquiry about where are the short sales in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Given most buyers today are looking for opportunities in a 5 mile radius rather than specific neighborhoods, this snapshot for the 87505 Santa Fe, New Mexico zip code presents a more accurate pic...
When was the last time you did something for the first time? At least, that is what some of my garden plants are thinking today. It is January and they have decided to tell me it is spring with some new buds. How could this be happening? It appears my lilacs believe our winter in Santa Fe has in...
It is January 2012 and already there are some new signs of life in our local Santa Fe real estate market. It looks like the answer to if not now, when? to buy, might just be now or very soon. After three years of the average home sale price steady at near $400,000, there does appear to be a tren...
Given the new landscape of real estate and the condition of our housing sector, it is important to know about the IRS new rules on repair cost deductions. This post by Tom Branch is a must read and important info to pass forward to investors. The Internal Revenue Service has issued a 255-page gui...
The title of this post caught my eye. This is a must read because of the way Joy Daniels puts family and real estate together when it comes to financing. Families have always planned for the future and this post underscores some solutions for the present.  In old movies and television shows, fami...


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Emily Medvec Realtor® provides Santa Fe Real Estate solutions and opportunities for buyers and sellers in all price ranges. Stay tuned if you love Santa Fe, New Mexico and real estate!