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Emily Medvec Realtor® provides Santa Fe Real Estate solutions and opportunities for buyers and sellers in all price ranges. This blog is about why I love Santa Fe, New Mexico and real estate.



Every now and then, I accidently come across a gem of insight about home construction. This one from Cherimie Crane Weatherford in Beaufort, SC speaks volumes about what happens when the "pig" choses straw over sticks to make a home.One pig chose straw, one chose sticks, one chose a solid foundat...
It seems like everyday in this new landscape of real estate, trust is one everyone's mind. Perhaps, it is because most people begin searching for real estate online without any other human contact other than their own reflection on a screen. Or, it could be that most people are in a borderline s...
Our credit scores are becoming more important by the minute as it appears the three Credit Bureau companies are beginning to tinker with their scoring model. This post by George Souto is a must read to stay current on what is happening in the credit score world.  Credit Reporting Companies may be...
Here are some good reasons why Santa Fe NM home buyers could benefit from a home inspection using infrared technology. The bottom line is it will help them see the unseen especially in bank owned homes. This information comes from Brandon Clark, a high tech home inspector in Utah. Why Should Salt...
Without harping on what happened or did not happen with the HARP 1.0 program, this update on HARP 2.0 by Gene Mundt, Senior VP at Chicago Bankcorp is worth reading for a head start on some potential promising solutions for homeowners.   HARP 2.0 Update ... from Fannie Mae                 There's ...
In this new landscape of real estate online, everyone seems to be asking about what buyers and sellers are actually doing in the real estate market place. The 2011 National Association of Realtors (NAR) Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers is a resourceful guide when looking for trends in home buy...
It's a bird, it's a plane and sometimes in Santa Fe the conversations get interesting when we wonder if it is a raven or a crow. This one found me getting out of car at the office on the early side of nine this morning while the sun was still gleaming before the snow began to fall. This one was ...
Have you heard? Real estate is going social more and more every day. Social networking is now a familiar buzz word for most of us.  With over 750 million active Facebook users and 200 million tweets per day on Twitter, the use of social media in real estate is now a hot topic.  Only two years ag...
The great thing about snow is how snow in Santa Fe helps tell people we are not a community where palm trees surround swimming pools and people live and work in a hot desert climate. Santa Fe sits at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in a high desert climate rather than one that is hot....
Copyright is something anyone blogging today can no longer ignore. This story by Richie Nager about his personal experience is one to read and remember the next time you are about to blog. His idea for a universal pause feature is good advice.Get educated on how to use or quote someones else's wo...

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