clouds: A Slice Of Heaven - 06/01/11 04:59 PM

I am still thinking about real estate advertising and copy writing after digesting the news about the weather in the East, the stock market dip and of course the latest headlines on the new normal of real estate prices. If I had stayed glued to my screen I would have missed these extraordinary clouds passing over head before the sun decided to settle in the West. Without the experience of looking up, I would have missed the headline for my next new listing... A Slice of Heaven. Sometimes, it pays to look up and walk outside and stretch when thinking … (11 comments)

clouds: A Cloud Is A Cloud Is A... - 05/21/11 03:45 PM

Do you ever wonder what happens to your spirit when you can not see the sky and her basket of clouds? I do. One can not begin to understand New Mexico without realizing how the sky defines the land and mountains below. Every day it brings a range of different light, a theater of cloud forms and the possibility of moisture in some form. When clouds appear, the light changes. Every moment or glimpse upward can become an unforgettable experience. Just seeing the clouds form by mid-day over Santa Fe is one of the gifts of being here. In Santa … (7 comments)

clouds: In Santa Fe... Who Rules? - 01/21/11 12:26 PM

If you ever asked me who ruled Santa Fe, I would answer "it's the clouds, of course". We have no tall buildings for Superman to fly down from and land on the Plaza or King Kong to grab and star in another movie made in New Mexico. Frankly, I think Santa Fe is blessed by clouds simply because our cityscape is still horizontal in nature after 400 years of development. What everyone sees everyday is a new cast of character clouds. In winter, they gently drop snow. In spring, they bring wind and move ever so quickly. By summer, they … (11 comments)

clouds: Santa Fe SKY For Real! - 09/01/10 04:40 PM

The endless sky over Santa Fe is truly a natural wonder. This image passed before me in a nanosecond following an afternoon rain storm. The light here is close to Carribean light. The mountains bring something different and make up for the oceans no longer in our landscape. As the sun begins to set, the palette changes again and again. It is a blessing to live here and see this incredible ever changing beauty.

clouds: Seeing Real Estate Advertising Differently - 07/11/10 03:40 PM

For some time, I have been wondering what would happen or could happen if real estate advertising changed from endless pictures of homes in a rectangular boxes to something excitedly bold and different.
I created this image this evening to find out. In my wildest imagination, people will come to Santa Fe, New Mexico to see if this home actually is in the clouds. There would be an increase in tourism and our local destination economy could generate more jobs and more real estate sales. Or, an online buyer surfing real estate sites in the middle of the night would decide to relocate … (21 comments)

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