new mexico: Santa Fe Sunrise: Yes, Looking West! - 02/09/18 07:23 AM
Sometimes in Santa Fe when the sun rises in the East, mother nature adds a gift of color to the sky in the West. Here is what happened this morning when I went out to get the paper. Yes, looking up and looking WEST of Santa Fe towards the Jemez Mountains! 
One of habits my Dad taught me when I was growing up was to look up. In part, I think it was to make sure I knew where I was going. I grew up in Connecticut in a small city and then an even smaller town. In both places, lots of … (4 comments)

new mexico: A Picture Is Worth More Than A Thousand Words On Instagram - 06/23/14 09:08 AM
Earlier today I wrote a post about what happens when you leave the screen of real estate and look around at what nature has to offer outside your door. The lead character in the blog A Natural Beauty Discovered in Santa Fe New Mexico was a prickly cactus yellow blossom. What I forgot to mention was the rest of the story. Since I made the photo with my iphone, the first thing I did next was post it on my Instagram site. Why? I have been intrigued by the fact that the Instagram app is beyond easy to use and an … (4 comments)

new mexico: A Natural Beauty Discovered in Santa Fe New Mexico - 06/23/14 07:49 AM

A lot can happen when you leave the screen of real estate by walking away from your computer or laptop or ipad. If you can focus on one thing for a moment and look around outside, the odds are you will discover something new and most likely amazing if it comes from nature. This is what I found. A true natural wonder. This prickly pear cactus decided to stop me in my tracks with one of her many yellow blossoms. My next move was to take out my iphone and pretend I was a bee gliding in for an aerial … (5 comments)

new mexico: Thank You ActiveRain for 300,000 SEO Miles! - 06/17/12 10:33 AM

This surreal cat is in my studio for one reason only. She triggers my imagination to do something new everyday. Well, she did it again! She helped me fly into the ActiveRain stratosphere of the 300,000 point zone. Of course, I could not have done this without the support of my blog subscribers and new friends who commented and encouraged me to keep doing what I love most... telling stories about Santa Fe and Santa Fe real estate in pictures and words.What is different this time is my surreal cat was determined to fly 100,000 points higher in less than … (80 comments)

new mexico: What A Difference A Day Makes - 04/02/12 12:13 PM

What a difference a day makes... in real estate and in Santa Fe weather. On Sunday, April 1st, 2012, I wore sandals and spend the day behind the camera making images of our remarkable early spring in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Today, on Monday, April 2, 2012, a day later or as the song “What A Difference A Day Makes” made famous by Dinah Washington says twenty-four little hours, it is snowing! What a difference a day made and instead of it being “you” as the story goes in the song, it is Mother Nature. She clearly has her own … (8 comments)

new mexico: A Flower Is a Flower Is A Flower... In Santa Fe! - 03/31/12 03:07 AM

A flower is a flower is a flower. And this tulip blooming in Santa Fe, New Mexico is one of the many examples of visual evidence spring is here. Many of us are still wondering what happened to winter in northern New Mexico. All of a sudden, it is like an alarm went off and flowers started popping up nearly overnight. Mother Nature is making herself known all over Santa Fe now. This tulip is one of many blooming at our Santa Fe Properties office. For me, it is yet another sign of the positive changes in our local real … (7 comments)

new mexico: ActiveRain Time Story: Part 2 - 03/07/12 12:55 PM
A few days ago I finally realized I was off ActiveRain time. Of course, I was not aware how habit forming my activity here on ActiveRain was on ActiveRain time. Doing what we do best, I asked you (members) in a blog to come to my time zone rescue. And of course, you'll did!  I learned my time zone confusion was due to the simple fact that our ActiveRain movers and shakers simply moved the servers to a new time zone located in PCT!Now Mother Nature is about to move our time clocks and cell time all thanks to the laws of daylight savings time. … (20 comments)

new mexico: Looking For A Home In Santa Fe 4 Bed, 4 bath, 3 car garage? - 02/04/12 10:33 AM
Are you looking for a home in Santa Fe with 4 bed, 3 bath, 3 car garage?

Today, there are currently ONLY 4 homes on the market that match these features including no interior steps. The highest price home is $4,500,000 and the lowest priced is $775,000. But wait, the median price single family home with a 3 car garage in all of Santa Fe is $975,000. And the median asking price for 4/3/3 with no interior steps is $1,361, 000. This includes all Santa Fe, New Mexico zip codes 87501, 87505, 87506, 87507 and 87508. Whoa! The average sale … (8 comments)

new mexico: Santa Fe Speechless Moment: Snow - 01/08/12 09:25 AM

The great thing about snow is how snow in Santa Fe helps tell people we are not a community where palm trees surround swimming pools and people live and work in a hot desert climate. Santa Fe sits at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in a high desert climate rather than one that is hot. It is hot as a destination visitor and relocation market for people seeking a Santa Fe lifestyle or to finish a dream. This photograph happened a few minutes ago just outside my studio door. I love the way the snow makes our … (12 comments)

new mexico: A Speechless Moment From Santa Fe - 01/01/12 02:58 PM
This Speechless Santa Fe moment comes from one of those priceless events during Santa Fe's celebration of July 4th on our Historic Santa Fe Plaza. The morning begins with a performance of traditional dances by the students from a dancing school who practice all year for the opportunity to perform. My favorites are the littlest ones as they dance from the heart with so much spirit and energy. This image happened as we all waited for their performance to begin. What I love about most about Santa Fe is simply living every day here to the fullest and telling our stories in … (9 comments)

new mexico: What Is My Santa Fe Home Worth Now? - 01/01/12 11:47 AM

Today is the first day of the first month of 2012 and we all feel everything is automatically different. If you are a Santa Fe homeowner wondering if 2012 will be a good opportunity to catch the wave of improving real estate sales and news stories, then now is a good time to check on your home's market value, current solds and overall trends in your Santa Fe neighborhood. Remember all real estate is local and it is foolish to compare our market with what is happening in Miami, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle or even London.
And all you have to do is use the Market Snapshot … (0 comments)

new mexico: Here The Sky Rules... - 01/01/12 04:03 AM

In Santa Fe, New Mexico, the sky tends to rule how we see everything. In fact, one can not even imagine New Mexico without our all encompassing sky. Our southwestern high desert climate makes the sky the place we look to get a daily read on our weather and of course to dream. Our sky brings the moisture and the heat and in so many ways it determines our environment for our plant and animal life as well as our variety of activities and lifestyle. This morning is the first morning of the first month of our new year and … (8 comments)

new mexico: Ten Best Places To Retire In 2012 - 12/26/11 07:29 AM

If you are thinking of a second home or planning to relocate to Santa Fe, New Mexico for our culture, blue skies, clean air, low taxes and four seasons of recreation, it is time to get started on taking advantage of our real estate market. Why? US and News Report just named Santa Fe as one of the top 10 best places to retire in 2012!
What is important to remember is to plan ahead, especially if you are an over age 55 buyer or boomer interested in making a lifestyle change. There are a lot of things to consider … (2 comments)

new mexico: Lew Wallace: All things based on our experience elsewhere fail in New Mexico - 12/26/11 04:34 AM

True or False? All things based on our experience elsewhere fail in New Mexico. At least, this was what Lew Wallace believed when he was the Territorial Governor of New Mexico in 1881. Of course, he was writing Ben Hur at the same time while living in the Governor's quarters on our now historic Santa Fe Plaza.
My answer is false. Why? Santa Fe has some of the cleanest air in the country along with blue skies most of the year. We are continually rated as a top destination for travel and also for living. In fact, Case Shiller recently … (2 comments)

new mexico: Social Networking: Challenge or Passion? - 12/25/11 01:37 PM

Most of you know social networking is changing how we communicate online about virtually everything.  For some of you, Twitter,Facebook and LinkedIn, along with Foursquare, Flickr, Google Plus, are all exciting.  For others, these sites are just plain scary.  Regardless of how you feel about how technology, mobile phones and the internet have connected us to each other, they are here and the pace of change is only accelerating.  We are all experiencing a revolution in how we communicate with each other that is more profound than many of us are likelyto see for the rest of our lives.  For … (17 comments)

new mexico: Voyage To Santa Fe - 12/25/11 11:00 AM

Back in 1823, Santa Fe was a city in Spanish Territory. If you were dreaming about going west then, you voyage would have most likely been made not by car or plane, but on a wagon train. This book written by Janice Holt Giles arrived in my home today as a Christmas present. The author was known for her historical fiction set in the frontier West. Her passion translated into a broad range of historical novels. Now, well over a hundred years later, people are still dreaming about their voyage to Santa Fe and fortunately they can call/text/email a … (4 comments)

new mexico: Speechless Sunday in Santa Fe, New Mexico - 12/25/11 09:58 AM

I love to cook with the camera especially around the holidays when I am spending extra time in the kitchen and then in my studio. For those of us in real estate these days, our world is usually more like 25/8 instead of 24/7. This Christmas I decided to gift myself a day with my imagination. After all, this was one of the reasons why I relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico many years ago.
This image is more of a recipe for a balanced life over these holidays.  Enjoy your imagination this holiday!

new mexico: Merry Christmas From Santa Fe, New Mexico - 12/23/11 02:15 PM

This snow covered Pinyon (Pine) tree whispered Merry Christmas to me this morning when the sun revealed the four inches of snow left behind last night. Her pine cones, now emptied of her treasured edible pine nut seeds, hung on the tree like hand-carved ornaments. Underneath her soft needles, I could see the footprints of two coyotes who traveled past her in the night on their way home into their deeper arroyo (dry stream bed) that makes a horseshoe mark across my land off a dirt road not far from the Santa Fe Plaza.  In the distance, the Sangre de … (21 comments)

new mexico: Santa Fe, New Mexico Today: December 22, 2011 - 12/22/11 03:46 PM

Today was the first day of winter in Santa Fe, New Mexico and mother nature decided to bring both snow and sunshine to make a difference in my day. These three bears can be found in the Gerald Peters Gallery. I usually pass by them once or twice a day as my office at Santa Fe Properties is across the street. Today, they were exceptional in the way they wore their new snow clothes. Somehow, just looking at them warmed my heart and made me smile. From Santa Fe, New Mexico... Happy Winter!

new mexico: The Magic Of The Santa Fe River and Watershed - 12/19/11 09:24 AM

The Santa Fe River is more of a stream often hidden in the trees as it makes its way from the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range to the Rio Grande. It is actually a tributary of the Rio Grande and runs intermittently for nearly 46 miles. It is considered an endangered stream and one many in our community work tirelessly to protect and improve our watershed. These images were made on a Fall afternoon in early November and the other a few days ago along East Alameda on the bridge at Paseo de Peralta. It is one of our treasures … (6 comments)

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