photography: Every Time I See A Bird... Speechless - 01/22/12 04:31 AM

Every time I see a bird flying, I wonder about what our real estate market looks like from the air. Then I remember, I’m on the ground and...looking up. I guess this is how I begin every day in this new landscape of real estate. It is all about looking up. After all, I am not a bird always looking down for a safe place to land. At the same time, there are days when I wish I was just flying over Santa Fe. In the meantime, I’m inspired by the gift birds have when they fly and blessed when … (3 comments)

photography: What Can Make Me Feel This Way... - 04/19/11 03:18 PM

Little did I realize or even ever expect when I heard The Temptations sing these words in the last century as I learned to dance by watching American Bandstand that their music would come to mind every time I experienced something like this moment working in this new landscape of real estate. I guess the answer is you would say "what can make me feel this way?"  My town... I'm talkin about my town... Santa Fe. After all, we do get sunshine even on a cloudy day.  And when it's cold outside, I even have the snow tips on the mountains in the month of May. Now if you want to … (14 comments)

photography: Sometimes It Is Not All About The House... - 04/09/11 03:59 PM

It seems like every house regardless of how small or how luxurious or who lives there has a view. Sometimes the occupants are shy or not home at all or perhaps circling the neighborhood waiting for me to leave or put my camera away. This scene happened by accident as most images do when I take a moment away from the details of Santa Fe real estate and focus on the beauty and surprises in our landscape and light and endless blue sky. The image was made yesterday in between a conversation about listing a much bigger home for sale. Often it is not … (8 comments)

photography: All For An Open House! - 02/20/11 11:20 AM

Splish, splash I was taking a bath on a Sunday morning before an open house - actually it was my car. Although I was pressed for time, the thought of my car with mud on it from any of the number of dirt roads I drive on daily was not the impression I wanted to create on one of our rare, cloudy and gray days in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This time I did a two for one deal where I got gas and then went through the car wash. This affordable option gave me a few extra minutes to think and play in … (16 comments)

photography: Sometimes Snow Is Like... - 02/06/11 05:34 AM

Sometimes snow is like the icing on the cake - delicious! At least, this was my take on Mother Nature's surprise dusting of snow overnight in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Walking out the door on my way to get the newspapers, I looked up to see this glorious morning blue sky framing a gentle touch of white peeking out over the parapet edges of my roof. The words "icing on the cake" just came to mind only to become my perspective for another day in the trenches of Santa Fe real estate. Sometimes, it is all about how we see things … (12 comments)

photography: Snow Is Painting Santa Fe - 01/31/11 01:52 PM

I treasure the first hour of falling snow in Santa Fe. Everyone is usually rushing to the supermarket or gas station and missing the moments of how nature paints with snow. This scene caught my attention across the street from the main post office as the storm moved into town just before dusk today. While the image staying in my camera for the drive home, I wondered what would the scene have looking like in black and white. I remembered how long it used to take to see an image made on film. Often, days would pass before either I … (8 comments)

photography: They Break Every Rule... - 01/27/11 01:03 PM

They break every rule at the end of every day or so it seems. No matter where I am or what I am doing there is some trigger that goes off in my mind to make me take notice of the sun setting over Santa Fe. On some evenings, it is as if the clouds and sky want to move west in a bright blaze of glory. On other evenings, the sun quietly sinks below the Jemez Mountain range as if going to dinner alone. On this occasion, it was a full dress formal Oscar-like event in the sky. Fortunately, I'm … (10 comments)

photography: Does This Happen To You? - 01/25/11 07:29 AM

Do things like this happen to you? I know this image is not a thing. It is a cat and one who appeared on the top of my car roof as if to hitch a ride. I was simply checking on one of my listings when I heard a loud meow. And there she was sitting on my car, not in a tree or on her car, but on my car. As always in real estate, time tends to be of the essence and frankly I had no time for cat games this morning. After two meetings I was already behind. However, I learned … (12 comments)

photography: Has Real Estate Stopped Your Imagination? - 01/23/11 02:30 PM
Has real estate stopped your imagination? Are you making time to smell the flowers in this new landscape of real estate? I confess, I have an imagination addiction. I am tethered to a camera and I love flowers. I am curious as to what they are suggesting when they catch my eye. Frequently, it is all about stopping my mind from thinking logically to then engage my imagination. Real estate tends to make imagination a low priority. Most of us create pictures of homes in neat and tidy rectangular boxes per industry norms as if that is the only visual language we speak. Flowers … (13 comments)

photography: In Santa Fe... Who Rules? - 01/21/11 12:26 PM

If you ever asked me who ruled Santa Fe, I would answer "it's the clouds, of course". We have no tall buildings for Superman to fly down from and land on the Plaza or King Kong to grab and star in another movie made in New Mexico. Frankly, I think Santa Fe is blessed by clouds simply because our cityscape is still horizontal in nature after 400 years of development. What everyone sees everyday is a new cast of character clouds. In winter, they gently drop snow. In spring, they bring wind and move ever so quickly. By summer, they … (11 comments)

photography: Missed Exits Are Opportunities - 01/16/11 01:14 AM

One of the magical things about our cars is the rear view mirror. Unlike humans, it is always looking backwards even when we are looking ahead. At the same time, the mirror is a safety device when we want to move around on the road in the present. This image happened shortly after I missed the exit to the Santo Domingo Pueblo off the southbound lane on I-25. Fortunately, the next exit was less than 10 miles away. On the road to or from Santa Fe to Albuquerque, highway exits can be few and far between. The good news is the the landscape … (12 comments)

photography: Why I Love Santa Fe... - 01/15/11 09:20 AM

I confess, I love Santa Fe, New Mexico. This image of a classic Native American ladder reaching to touch the clouds in the sky is just of of the many ways this 400 year old community inspires me to dream, make a difference and look up at the clouds when I'm searching for answers. I relocated here from Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. nearly two decades ago. There, the landmark of the Washington Monument reached through the horizon line in a more vertical way. Santa Fe is truly a horizontal community. Elevators are not common as our buildings do not interfere or attempt to over power the … (4 comments)

photography: Santa Fe Thanksgiving Blessings - 11/25/10 10:59 AM

The Native Americans often say light is a gift of spirit. Fortunately, no money is needed to buy it. Every morning we have a sunrise. This Thanksgiving morning in on the northside of Santa Fe along the gentle slopes of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, I first encounted an early dusting of snow along my walk with the pup. The pinons, our pine trees, were quiet as if waiting for the light to arrive from the East over the mountains. Waiting to see what would happen next, a magical gift of light and color filled the sky as if to move the mountain. … (7 comments)

photography: Why I Love Santa Fe... Sunrises! - 11/04/10 02:59 AM
One of the amazing events Mother Nature creates for us every day is a sun rise. This morning she out did herself with a truly majestic event bringing the sun and the blue sky to Santa Fe in such a glorious way. Take a minute and experience the awe I did a few minutes ago. This is why I love Santa Fe so much!


photography: Seeing Real Estate Advertising Differently - 07/11/10 03:40 PM

For some time, I have been wondering what would happen or could happen if real estate advertising changed from endless pictures of homes in a rectangular boxes to something excitedly bold and different.
I created this image this evening to find out. In my wildest imagination, people will come to Santa Fe, New Mexico to see if this home actually is in the clouds. There would be an increase in tourism and our local destination economy could generate more jobs and more real estate sales. Or, an online buyer surfing real estate sites in the middle of the night would decide to relocate … (21 comments)

photography: Lilacs Are Out In Santa Fe! - 05/18/10 03:30 PM

Did you hear? The Lilacs are blooming in Santa Fe. You can find them nearly everywhere calling out for you to stop everything for a moment and just enjoy their beauty. These white ones caught my eye in between the the next phone call or text or email or tweet. Frankly, I can not remember. I saw them glow in the afternoon light and knew my imagination came first. Hope the next time your imagination calls, you will answer. 

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