santa fe lifestyle: Santa Fe Real Estate: FAQ On Talking Santa Fe - 06/06/12 11:38 AM

What on earth is "talking" Santa Fe? This is a very short list of many of the main words that today make up our local lingo which is sometimes called "talking" Santa Fe. Many of them were words I began to learn when I first passed through Santa Fe in 1968 and then finally settled here in the early 1990’s. Others are the ones “you” frequently ask me about all the time when we begin the process of helping you relocate to Santa Fe to make your lifestyle change.
Acequia - A hand-made irrigation ditch for water maintained by a local community association … (12 comments)

santa fe lifestyle: The Santa Fe Trail Road To Opportunity... Just Imagine! - 05/19/12 12:41 PM

The Santa Fe Trail is a road to opportunity. It began as a wagon train trail connection from the frontier of Missouri to Santa Fe when Santa Fe existed outside the United States as a city in Mexico. From 1821 to 1880, the trail was the a path to a new life in the frontier. Back then the pioneers were not on Facebook or using smartphones. Stories triggered their imagination to guide them West. They left our country to make a difference in their lives by settling in a new frontier without knowing what would happen next. For many, … (16 comments)

santa fe lifestyle: SOLD: 4208 Silent Wing, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507 Nava Ade Home - 12/25/11 09:21 AM

This fine home at 4208 Silent Wing in Santa Fe, New Mexico is SOLD. Located in the Nava Ade subdivision, in the heart of Santa Fe's southside, this home features included 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, a two car garage, 2017 sq feet all on a cul-de-sac with nature as your neighbor. This home was purchased by a buyer relocating to Santa Fe for our Santa Fe lifestyle from Delaware. By the way, this community has a swimming pool as well!
Now, if you are a seller seeking to tap into our network of relocation buyers for the coming 2012 … (2 comments)

santa fe lifestyle: A Slice of Santa Fe Heaven... - 10/15/11 05:30 PM

The other day someone left me a voice message asking me to find them a slice of heaven in Santa Fe. And like some home buyers today, they forgot to tell me their name or really anything else. They appeared to be fascinated by the fact that Val Kilmer's ranch just sold for over $18 million and they wanted to know if there were other slices of heaven left in Santa Fe. And like some home buyers today, they forgot to tell me their name or really anything else. Yet, their request intrigued me to think about all the possibilities and … (5 comments)

santa fe lifestyle: Guaranteed! Santa Fe Lifestyle Knock-Out! MLS 201101659 - 07/30/11 03:59 PM

News! Open Sunday August 7th 1 - 3 PM. There is absolutely no telling what your Santa Fe lifestyle will become when you make this nearly perfect for any lifestyle your next move. Imagine living all on one level next on a cul-de-sac that opens to a walking trail? Experience the joy of cooking in a spacious kitchen opening into family room warmed with a woodburning fireplace.  Take advantage of dining options from a formal to outdoors! Imagine no more worrying about where to put for your furniture and art in the central great room with high ceilings, a 2nd fireplace and … (4 comments)

santa fe lifestyle: Seeing Real Estate Advertising... Differently - 06/04/11 05:55 PM

Think Big! Dream! Then take the time it takes to make a difference in how you sell real estate. There is no reason to bend to the economy when you can engage your imagination and make a difference to sell real estate. The housing market crash did change the landscape of real estate. The internet and the mobile technologies moved the advertising business of buying and selling homes online to the gigantic real estate portals of, trulia, zillow, yahoo and numerous corporate brands. Newspapers and magazines can not compete with the cost-savings and timely distribution of real estate information. … (11 comments)

santa fe lifestyle: Pico Mundo Grill Opens In Santa Fe - 05/25/11 03:59 PM

The Santa Fe Plaza and its infamous Plaza Cafe in the same spot since 1904 changed its name this week to the Pico Mundo Grill and moved without moving to the fictional town of Pico Mundo, California. This can only happen in the movies and that was exactly what was happening as the filming for Odd Thomas took our historic Santa Fe Plaza. By simply turning a corner, I was in a imaginary town.
The movie stars in this Dean Kootz story keeps growing beyond Anton Yelchin to now include Willem DeFoe and 50 Cent. If you were on the … (4 comments)

santa fe lifestyle: Home Buying Tips In A Buyer's Market - 05/14/11 04:28 PM

Home buyers appear to be jumping of the fence in many local markets for a variety of reasons. The bottom line is many are now in an action mode as they experience the dream home they found online has been sold to someone else.  Like anything else, sitting on any fence too long does tend to erase the common sense needed when purchasing a home. When searching in Santa Fe, buyers often focus on the blue sky and their dream of a Santa Fe lifestyle and forget the steps on making it a reality. Here are some important home buyers … (8 comments)

santa fe lifestyle: My Cat Has An MBA! - 05/06/11 03:05 PM

Every now and then, the behavior of one of my four on the floors registers off the scale. Before the sun arrived in Santa Fe, my cat quietly moved into a stealth position next to the sleeping pup for what I believed would be another opportunity for a cat nap. I sat quietly on the sofa with one eye waiting for the screen to appear and other on them. It looked like no one was ready to move or demand breakfast.
Seeing a Kodak moment, I reached for my camera. She must have read my mind. I had no … (7 comments)

santa fe lifestyle: Clean Air Report Ranks Santa Fe NM and Honolulu HI #1 - 05/01/11 04:12 PM

The American Lung Association completed their 12th Annual State of the Air Report ranking both Santa Fe, NM and Honolulu, HI as the cleanest in all three air pollutant categories. To find out the grade for your state click here.  Breathing clean air is one of the best ways to stay healthy according to the American Lung Association. Their annual State of the Air survey is one of the best resources for reporting and ranking air pollution in the United States. The more you know about the air you breathe every day, the more informed you will be about protecting your heath.  Air pollution may not … (4 comments)

santa fe lifestyle: Senior Friendly Realtors Equal... SRES® - 04/30/11 03:55 PM

Senior Real Estate Specialists are Realtors® with an SRES® designation certified to focus on the real estate needs of home buyers and sellers age 50 and over. Realtors with this advanced training demonstrate the experience and know-how in working with clients age 50+.  Making a lifestyle change after residing in a home for many years is not something most seniors find easy to do next. After all, homes are special places created after a lifetime of work and filled with memories everywhere. Senior Real Estate Specialists are trained in helping seniors make these lifestyle transitions which often involve selling the … (4 comments)

santa fe lifestyle: Reinvention... the New Santa Fe Retirement! - 04/24/11 12:53 PM

I don't know how they did it or even came up with the question to ask people in a survey, but the folks responsible for U.S. News and World Report put Santa Fe, New Mexico on one of their 10 Best Maps again. Santa Fe, New Mexico is now one of the 10 Best Places to Reinvent Your Life in Retirement. It must be our dirt roads, endless blue sky, clean air and now our rare buyer's market which is appealing to so many baby and echo boomers. I confess, I am a boomer and I did reinvent my life … (8 comments)

santa fe lifestyle: What Can Make Me Feel This Way... - 04/19/11 03:18 PM

Little did I realize or even ever expect when I heard The Temptations sing these words in the last century as I learned to dance by watching American Bandstand that their music would come to mind every time I experienced something like this moment working in this new landscape of real estate. I guess the answer is you would say "what can make me feel this way?"  My town... I'm talkin about my town... Santa Fe. After all, we do get sunshine even on a cloudy day.  And when it's cold outside, I even have the snow tips on the mountains in the month of May. Now if you want to … (14 comments)

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