snow: Weather Like Real Estate Is Local - 01/16/12 05:02 AM

Probably like most of you, I hear the weather news from the TV sceen as I am moving around in the dark with coffee in one hand focusing on getting ready for another great day in real estate. The weather reporter said "high wind warnings" and the map showed it raining in the southern part of the state. So much for weather reports. There was a good 1/2 inch of heavy wet snow on the ground. For a minute, I wondered if I was actually in Santa Fe and then of course began to think about all those endless national … (5 comments)

snow: Santa Fe Speechless Moment: Snow - 01/08/12 09:25 AM

The great thing about snow is how snow in Santa Fe helps tell people we are not a community where palm trees surround swimming pools and people live and work in a hot desert climate. Santa Fe sits at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in a high desert climate rather than one that is hot. It is hot as a destination visitor and relocation market for people seeking a Santa Fe lifestyle or to finish a dream. This photograph happened a few minutes ago just outside my studio door. I love the way the snow makes our … (12 comments)

snow: Santa Fe, New Mexico Today: December 22, 2011 - 12/22/11 03:46 PM

Today was the first day of winter in Santa Fe, New Mexico and mother nature decided to bring both snow and sunshine to make a difference in my day. These three bears can be found in the Gerald Peters Gallery. I usually pass by them once or twice a day as my office at Santa Fe Properties is across the street. Today, they were exceptional in the way they wore their new snow clothes. Somehow, just looking at them warmed my heart and made me smile. From Santa Fe, New Mexico... Happy Winter!

snow: Sometimes Snow Is Like... - 02/06/11 05:34 AM

Sometimes snow is like the icing on the cake - delicious! At least, this was my take on Mother Nature's surprise dusting of snow overnight in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Walking out the door on my way to get the newspapers, I looked up to see this glorious morning blue sky framing a gentle touch of white peeking out over the parapet edges of my roof. The words "icing on the cake" just came to mind only to become my perspective for another day in the trenches of Santa Fe real estate. Sometimes, it is all about how we see things … (12 comments)

snow: The Good News About The Weather Is... - 02/02/11 01:24 PM

The GOOD News about the weather today in Santa Fe, where temperatures are chilling us out at -7 degrees  this evening --- IS the weather has replaced the housing market news and chatter everywhere. Although our real estate market stats for January show a market in action, the buyers still on the fence are now pre-occuppied with the artic temperatures, the flight cancellations and everything else connected with the word "snow". They are missing the real story buried in snow.
In spite of Santa Fe's record cold temperatures today, a quick review of our Santa Fe Association of Realtors data for … (5 comments)

snow: Snow Is Painting Santa Fe - 01/31/11 01:52 PM

I treasure the first hour of falling snow in Santa Fe. Everyone is usually rushing to the supermarket or gas station and missing the moments of how nature paints with snow. This scene caught my attention across the street from the main post office as the storm moved into town just before dusk today. While the image staying in my camera for the drive home, I wondered what would the scene have looking like in black and white. I remembered how long it used to take to see an image made on film. Often, days would pass before either I … (8 comments)

snow: Santa Fe Thanksgiving Blessings - 11/25/10 10:59 AM

The Native Americans often say light is a gift of spirit. Fortunately, no money is needed to buy it. Every morning we have a sunrise. This Thanksgiving morning in on the northside of Santa Fe along the gentle slopes of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, I first encounted an early dusting of snow along my walk with the pup. The pinons, our pine trees, were quiet as if waiting for the light to arrive from the East over the mountains. Waiting to see what would happen next, a magical gift of light and color filled the sky as if to move the mountain. … (7 comments)

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