speechless sunday: See! The Apple Trees Are Blooming In Santa Fe - 04/29/12 01:09 PM

The Apple Trees are blooming in Santa Fe. Did you hear? Have you seen them? Can you smell them? Do you wonder what these blossoms will become next? You can find them nearly everywhere calling out for you to stop everything for a moment and just enjoy their beauty. These delicate gems caught me by surprise as I turned a corner and there was a tree full of them in my path! Frankly, I can not remember ever seeing Apple trees in bloom before Mother’s Day. Now here they are in full blossom under our Santa Fe blue sky light. As usual it … (4 comments)

speechless sunday: XLVI Super Bowl: Waiting For Purina! - 02/05/12 11:34 AM

Now I know who Purina is marketing too on this Super Bowl Sunday. It is not my cat! It is me! Although given the way our four on the floors eat on some days, I wish she would watch the commercials. However, it appears this is another speechless Sunday snooze in front of the big game. Perhaps, she does have one eye open for the commercials. In any event, she is just speechless about this XLVI Super Bowl game. Perhaps it is the 9-0 score at the moment! Or better yet, she is waiting for Purina!

speechless sunday: Santa Fe Real Estate: Speechless Sunrise Over Santa Fe - 01/15/12 07:17 AM

One of the many gifts of having four on the floors (the furry kind) is they have a habit of waking up before sunrise. Now, if I lived anywhere else but Santa Fe, this would become beyond frustrating. After all, in Santa Fe real estate there is already so much to do before the sun brings the light of day to New Mexico. By the time my computer or smart phone or ipad screen lights up, two hours have passed on the East Coast!
The good thing about my animals is they do not sell real estate or frankly use … (15 comments)

speechless sunday: Santa Fe Speechless Moment: Snow - 01/08/12 09:25 AM

The great thing about snow is how snow in Santa Fe helps tell people we are not a community where palm trees surround swimming pools and people live and work in a hot desert climate. Santa Fe sits at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in a high desert climate rather than one that is hot. It is hot as a destination visitor and relocation market for people seeking a Santa Fe lifestyle or to finish a dream. This photograph happened a few minutes ago just outside my studio door. I love the way the snow makes our … (12 comments)

speechless sunday: Here The Sky Rules... - 01/01/12 04:03 AM

In Santa Fe, New Mexico, the sky tends to rule how we see everything. In fact, one can not even imagine New Mexico without our all encompassing sky. Our southwestern high desert climate makes the sky the place we look to get a daily read on our weather and of course to dream. Our sky brings the moisture and the heat and in so many ways it determines our environment for our plant and animal life as well as our variety of activities and lifestyle. This morning is the first morning of the first month of our new year and … (8 comments)

speechless sunday: Speechless Sunday in Santa Fe, New Mexico - 12/25/11 09:58 AM

I love to cook with the camera especially around the holidays when I am spending extra time in the kitchen and then in my studio. For those of us in real estate these days, our world is usually more like 25/8 instead of 24/7. This Christmas I decided to gift myself a day with my imagination. After all, this was one of the reasons why I relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico many years ago.
This image is more of a recipe for a balanced life over these holidays.  Enjoy your imagination this holiday!

speechless sunday: Everytime I Meet One... Speechless Sunday - 04/03/11 02:45 PM

This photograph was made steps from the Santa Fe Historic Plaza by Emily Medvec ©2011 All Rights Reserved. This photograph may not be reproduced in any form or reprinted without written permission from Emily Medvec. It is available for purchase. The photograph may be reproduced on ActiveRain only by re-blogging this post. Emily Medvec is an Associate Broker with Santa Fe Properties in Santa Fe, New Mexico when she is not behind the camera. 

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