buyers: Today’s Buyer is Thinking Green - 03/27/15 10:48 AM
Today’s Buyer is Thinking Green
Here’s a great infographic I wanted to share with you from  Being an agent in Southern California, I have had my fair share of eco-conscious Buyers that are looking for ways to Go Green.  From methods as complex as solar panels to live “off the grid” or as commonplace as Energy Star appliances and fixtures, many more people are interested in reducing their carbon footprint as well as conserving water.
Today’s Buyer is Thinking Green
In this severe drought we are experiencing in California, a popular choice for landscaping is using drought-resistant … (1 comments)

buyers: Real Estate & Technology Go Hand-In-Hand - 01/09/15 06:14 AM
Real Estate & Technology Go Hand-In-Hand
As Agents, the latest technology is key to keeping up with the times and continuing a steady business flow.  From Buyers searching for properties to Sellers marketing their home, an ad in the newspaper just doesn't cut it anymore.  We are WAY beyond that now! 
According to this infographic from, an astounding 89% say they use online resources in the process of home buying.  It doesn't end at searching for a property either.  Researching an Agent, Lender, property values, neighborhoods, etc., is all part of the process.  Having an Agent that is … (3 comments)

buyers: Communication is Key to Opening Doors in Real Estate - 12/19/14 08:27 AM
As you can see from this visual, millennial home buyers want answers and they want them now!    I think this is true for ALL human beings who are buying or selling a home.   More often than not, the purchase or sale of a property will be one of the largest financial transactions a person will complete in their lifetime and having a Professional on their side to guide them through and answer questions as they arise is KEY to getting the deal done!   Communication is Key to Opening Doors in Real Estate   Agent response times are one … (2 comments)

buyers: Thank you Real Estate. Gratitude is the Best Business Practice! - 11/25/14 02:04 AM

Thank you Real Estate. Gratitude is the Best Business Practice!As I begin to wind down my 2014 Real Estate whirlwind and prepare to host Thanksgiving surrounded by loved ones, I realized there is no better time than the present to reflect on the past year in pure Gratitude! Thank you Real Estate. The best business on Earth.One of my favorite affirmations is "Gratitude for the substance at hand duplicates the substance indefinitely." I can attest to the truth of this statement. I wake up every day and thank God for this life that I've been blessed with and the opportunity … (0 comments)

buyers: Gen Y Is Ready to Buy - 07/29/14 04:42 AM
Here's an interesting info-graphic from California Association of Realtors!


buyers: Traditional Buyer vs. The Investor - Round 2! - 07/16/14 06:36 AM

When the Real Estate market took a turn towards recovery in late 2011, early 2012, everyone was excited to jump back in & make those purchases they had been sitting on the fence on for so long!
Traditional Buyer vs. The Investor - Round 2!
Traditional buyers who required loans to purchase homes found themselves in a steep uphill battle against the all mighty CASH investor who at the time was willing to pay more based on speculation & could close sweet painless escrows with virtually no contingencies in record timing such as 10 days or often even … (0 comments)

buyers: Pent Up Housing Demand Driven By Fear - 07/03/14 04:10 AM

As housing markets slowed a bit year over year across major markets we ponder the causes.
One I can definitely speak of in my own business is the new stricter lending guidelines that have been broadcasted to would-be home buyers leaving them fearful that they won't qualify. Even some people with the best of credit scores and decent savings are questioning their ability to purchase their first home, or jump back into the housing market again after walking away from their homes many moons ago.
Pent Up Housing Demand Driven By Fear
Let's face it. Applying for a mortgage is … (0 comments)

buyers: Kids, The New Voice Driving Home Buyers - 06/06/14 05:33 AM

For ages we have always considered our children when we purchase a home. We used to look at the bed/bathroom count appropriate for the size of the family, and proximity to local schools.  But gone are the days that Mom and Dad simply chose a house, packed up the family and the dog and said "It's moving day!"
  Today we are raising a generation of children whose individuality, leadership, and decision making skills are encouraged more than ever. Therefore, parents are turning to the little ones for their input on homes which they are considering for a purchase.  Parents are … (1 comments)

buyers: Greedy Home Sellers + Cautious Home Buyers = Flat Market - 05/19/14 08:23 AM

Greedy Home Sellers + Cautious Home Buyers = Flat Market 
  More & more indicating factors are leading us to a cooling off of the crazy hot market we experienced in Southern Cal for all of 2013. Recent surveys show that over 40% of Home Sellers this spring are planning to price their homes ABOVE market value! This strategy is not wise folks! Buyers in today's market have very little tolerance for over-priced homes this year and will likely pass them up letting listing after listing sit on the market stagnant until the Seller is forced to take action by … (0 comments)

buyers: Affordability Vanishing in Prime Markets! - 04/11/14 01:21 AM
Affordability Vanishing in Prime Markets! 
If you want to live in one of the major metro areas across the country, you might be noticing that buying into the most popular neighborhoods is no longer feasible as the market has now corrected itself to the point that affordability is now becoming a major issue in many major markets. Some families have begun to dedicate huge portions of their monthly income to housing nowadays! Over the last several years when prices were up to 30% lower in some areas, people were able to purchase homes in areas they could only dream of only a … (0 comments)

buyers: SPRING HASN'T QUITE SPRUNG IN SUNNY SO CAL!? - 04/01/14 06:33 AM
No April fooling....Generally, the spring selling season is the prime time in Residential Real Estate because most families with school aged children like to do their home shopping, close escrow, and get all settled in before school starts! In the Los Angeles area, schools are starting earlier the last couple years in mid August, so it has seemed to push the buying rush forward as well! Last year in February & March of 2013 I was seeing 30+ offers on some of my listings, and competing against even more than that on some … (0 comments)

buyers: The 2014 Disappearing Distressed Market - 03/14/14 08:24 AM
The 2014 Disappearing Distressed Market
I'll never forget the weekly office meeting in 2007 when my first short sale emerged and all of the more experienced agents in the office who had dealt with short sales in past markets began to cringe and brace themselves for impact.  All I could say was, "what is a short sale?"  I was 5 years into my career at the time and I thought I had a lot of deals under my belt and considered myself experienced yet had never heard the term short sale. So from that day on up until recently, my business grew … (3 comments)

buyers: San Fernando Valley Housing Market 2014 - 03/06/14 01:40 AM
 San Fernando Valley Housing Market 2014
The housing market in the San Fernando Valley is off to a slow yet steady start.  According to a recent article from Los Angeles Daily News and data pulled from Southland Association of Realtors, resale homes fell 11% from January last year, 393 closed in 2013 whereas 349 closed in 2014.  Even with the dip in closed sales however, the median home price has gone up from $420,000 last year to $485,000 this year and up 2% from December 2013.
San Fernando Valley Housing Market 2014
This slow increase in sales is promising as we … (1 comments)

buyers: The Home Buying Process Is A Lot Like Dating... - 02/16/14 05:32 AM

The Home Buying Process Is A Lot Like Dating...
Have you ever fallen in love.....with a house?  Many of my clients have and it has overpowered the fact that they may not have had that extra 200 square feet they were looking for, or that center island kitchen.  When you're in love, you're in love. 
The Home Buying Process Is A Lot Like Dating... conducted a survey of 1,082 people and 69% of them reported having a "home crush" as the survey called it.  Much like modern dating, almost 80% of home buyers find that one house that … (3 comments)

buyers: Political Correctness In Real Estate Advertising - 02/03/14 08:10 AM

Political Correctness In Real Estate Advertising
Political correctness is increasingly becoming an issue in Real Estate advertising. As an agent I am constantly looking for words to describe my listings in a positive light without offending anyone who may be reading my descriptions...
For example, you cannot say "steps to the elementary school" or "walking distance to shopping and restaurants" because that is considered discrimination against individuals who are physically incapable of walking.
Political Correctness In Real Estate Advertising
Or, when describing a large home with an expansive master suite, it's now not appropriate to say "his & hers closets or bathrooms" … (2 comments)

buyers: Home Improvements That Pay You Back - 01/17/14 08:27 AM
Home Improvements That Pay You Back
Home improvements can be fun & exciting to do and enjoying the end result with your family is so rewarding!
They can also offer a great financial benefit when selling the property, but be careful of which improvements you choose to do so you get the most bang for your buck!!
Home Improvements That Pay You Back
In my experience selling homes for many years, updated kitchens & bathrooms offer the most value to a property on resale. So be sure to give those areas special attention especially if you plan on selling your home within … (3 comments)

buyers: Retiring Boomers = Downsizing Into The Golden Years - 01/12/14 02:32 AM
Retiring Boomers = Downsizing Into The Golden Years
According to the trusted Wall Street Journal, Aging "Boomers" are responsible for the rising demand for Condos, Townhomes, and Multi-Family dwellings. I find this to be TRUE as well!
Retiring Boomers = Downsizing Into The Golden Years
I just listed an amazing penthouse unit in Sherman Oaks, CA and the market response this first week of 2014 has been tremendous! We have had our fair share of young couples coming through, but primarily I have witnessed older couples, downsizing from their large homes around Los Angeles and even across the country on the … (1 comments)

buyers: 2014 Real Estate Predictions... - 12/27/13 01:57 AM

2014 Real Estate Predictions...
Happy holidays! It's that magical week between Christmas & New Year's Eve when there's NO traffic on Los Angeles freeways, and everyone is catching up with friends & family enjoying some down time from the daily grind marathon called life!
All of my trusted market analyst sources have been gearing up for 2014 and I'd like to share a few predictions with you....
2014 Real Estate Predictions...
1. The Real Estate market in 2014 will most likely be kinder to well qualified Buyers! More homes to choose from & more strict lending guidelines will thin … (1 comments)

buyers: Dreams of a Sherman Oaks FIXER! - 12/20/13 07:48 AM
Dreams of a Sherman Oaks FIXER!
The demand for great homes has definitely not subsided in the best parts of northern Los Angeles in these final hours of 2013. I have never been busier in November/December than I have this year!
Dreams of a Sherman Oaks FIXER!
Especially when I came across the famous and ever so hard to find "cosmetic fixer" in the coveted Fashion Square neighborhood of Sherman Oaks CA that motivated buyers salivate over & dream of calling their own. Even more so than a completely "done done done" upgraded home in the same area, a cosmetic fixer offers a … (2 comments)

buyers: Top Ten Turnaround Cities - Real Estate Recovery - 12/03/13 04:35 AM
Top Ten Turnaround Cities - Real Estate Recovery   Great news for my fellow Los Angeleans....Los Angeles made the list for the Top 10 Turnaround Towns in the housing recovery!! Our median price is UP 30% from this time last year! And our days on market have been reduced by 27%!! Although we cannot sustain this kind of growth, it's nice to see such positive reports, and let's hope that we slow down to a sustainable recovery rate in 2014!! With interest rates rising and the elusive QM taking effect in January, I think those factors will help to give our … (0 comments)