Happy Valentines Day everyone! Just a short sweet video to remind everyone how special it is when you're lucky enough to find 'the one'... or 'one of the ones' :) This video should warm your heart - and maybe make you shed a tear - but they'll be 'omg how SWEET' tears! Enjoy!! Danny & Annie from ...
I posted this late last night - but I thought I'd repost the link as sometimes posting late at night results in a lot of people missing your post. So to summarize - GREAT IPhone app that allows you to add a customized signature on your emails!! Click here to read my blog post   Happy Monday every...
So I just thought I'd share my Signature IPhone App that I've been using for the last few weeks - for those of you with IPhone - you know that the signature is quite limiting - basically no links or images. This was no good - so I set forth to find a solution.   I found an app on Itunes called Em...
  Hey ActiveRain - it's me, Emily.. So listen - we've been seeing each other for a while now - and I'm sensing we're getting a little serious - I mean, we're seeing each other every day - sometimes for hours! I love waking up to your morning emails...( You never forget - you're so awesome!!) You'...
What a perfect start to my weekend - today I joined my buddy Ross Woo - a Realtor with Macdonald Realty here in Vancouver, BC down at the Vancouver Food Bank. He set up a group on facebook a few months ago - asking for volunteers - I bit. :) This morning I woke up - grabbed my coffee and headed d...
Well - not exactly - but I COULD'VE! Many of you don't know about the amazing educational tool YouTube can be. I dare you to try to find a task that isn't on YouTube - it is just overflowing with helpful people providing play by play examples of day to day activities. I pulled a few links for yo...
Happy Monday all,   I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend full of Open Houses and Superbowl commercials! *LOVED the VW/Darth Vadar one!* Some of you may know this already - but I'm an official partner of Constant Contact - a FANTASTIC service offering email marketing. They're awesome - I've blo...
I just want to let you all know that you're doing a FABULOUS job and I am just so impressed by all of your efforts. For me - logging into ActiveRain gives me serenity like no other. My heart bursts with pride to see everyone being so helpful - sharing tips and advice - blogging their hearts out! ...

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