Exciting news today - it's official - my signature has gained another social media icon - introducing GOOGLE PLUS!! That's right - I've done enough research on this exciting new social media platform to see its value and to understand that it won't be going away any time soon! So - here it is fol...
On July 7th, I excitedly signed up for my Google + account - 9 days later and lots of watching and digesting - I thought I'd fill you guys in on my thoughts about Google +. It's AWESOME! I've sure most of you have heard a little about Google + - what is this network all about? With 10 million use...
Always willing to help a STELLAR Real Estate community stand out - plus Kerrie said please - really, how can we say no to her? Make sure everyone visits the link below and cast your vote for the Inman News 2011 People's Choice Innovator Award - Go ActiveRain Go!! You guys definitely deserve it!In...
The future is coming folks! Check out this Bubble Car built by GM. An amazing electric machine (can we even call it a car? It's on two wheels!) designed to avoid crashing. There are sensors on all sides that are designed to communicate with other external sensors (other pods, streetlights, bikes,...
What a great weekend we just had - beautiful weather - a bike ride with my dad - and to top it off, a great building inspection that resulted in a firmed up sale! Congratulations to my very happy buyers! You guys are gonna love it!! The West End was good to me this weekend, that's for sure!! For ...
So yesterday I finally got my invite to Google +. LOVING IT! My first impression is that it's AMAZING! Easy to use, easy to sort your friends, clients, associates, ACTIVERAINERS! It looks like a really great service that I will definitely be exploring more! (Stay tuned for a full blown review in ...
FINALLLLY got my invite to Google+! I just logged in and am starting to explore. Does anyone else want to sign up? It's currently in beta mode and you can only sign up with an invite... Leave a comment below *including your email* and I'll invite you! Can't wait to see where this is going to go!...
We are seeing QR codes all over the place - watch how THIS grocery store company grew their business by 107%. How? Shopping for groceries with their smartphones while travelling the subway stations. Scan the QR code with your phone - the product lands in your online cart. When you've completed th...

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