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I was reading an article this morning about the decline/demise of the professional Critic.  "Between Twitter, Facebook and blogs, online opinions are becoming just as prominent as those of professional reviewers, raising the question: where does the role of the expert critic stand in the social m...
I don't know how or why I had never before tasted a Persimmon (nor seen one for that matter!) It could now be one of my faves! Do you love Chevre Cheese like I do? Do you love Pomegranate Seeds? Chopped nuts like Pistachio, almond and walnut? This just may be the quick and easy appetizer or nibbl...
  Christmas 2014 after a long difficult year plagued with a dozen ambulance rides, too many ER visits to count, Cardio Intensive Care stays, a broken hip with a rehab hospital stay . . .   add to that a wonky gallbladder that can't be operated on!!!  Just look at the fun our Mother was having on ...
Today is my husband's birthday - which one I'll not say :) We are done with the festive foods of the holiday season and really don't enjoy dining out anymore, especially this time of year when both the food and the service is tired! So, with some leftover duck I decided we should have Chinese Pan...
I think Turkeys have the best PR staff on the planet!!  Turkey seems to be the protein of choice for the holidays and I just don't get it!  I've cooked plenty in my day. I know to brine them and keep them juicy. I've even been known to deep fry them - kinda fun and tasty too! But this Christmas t...
If you've not heard of The Shoebox Project it is not too late to get involved for this holiday.  The Shoebox Project was founded in 2011and last year collected and distributed gifts in the form of shoeboxes to 9,100 women in 188 shelters in Canada in 26 communities across the country! Each shoebo...
My fine furry friend is back after a year  -  I think the black squirrels chased her away.  She has a lovely red stripe on her belly!   This was yesterday. And then we woke up to our long promised snowfall and this is what I discovered:   My first quick glance thought it was a skunk with all the...
I have been a huge believer for decades now about the importance of random acts of kindness, paying it forward, just being a good steward within my community.  For the most part, the fun is in being anonymous!! I still enjoy the above but I also decided there was strength in numbers and discovere...
Well this was the year to throw out the old lights and start fresh! Decisions, decisions - WOW - there are soooooo many to choose from. We knew we wanted energy efficient but didn't realize what a selection there would be. I found this amazing tree for our sun room that was done in silver with bl...
I love my personal, get-it-done taglines to begin each new year.  Half the fun is in creating them, discarding them and coming up with new ones! Do you continue along the same path or do you anticipate making slight directional changes? Is what you're doing working so well that you have the luxur...


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