sellers: We have Buyers Waiting in Kingston & 1000 Islands area - 02/07/19 12:38 PM
Love my clients and the lovely testimonials they share about me! 
If you or anyone you know in the Greater Kingston and 1000 Islands region is interested in selling, please have them get in touch with me and have them avoid the Spring Rush -  WE HAVE BUYERS WAITING NOW!
Susan Emo
Sales Representative
Sotheby's International Realty Canada

sellers: BEAMING BUYERS and SMILING SELLERS is what keeps us going forward! - 08/22/15 04:42 AM
Like most people, I have good days and not so good days. 
Most things are out of my control but I know how to manage my expectations.  What I focus on mainly, is attempting to conquer my impatience!   I've learned that some things will happen only in their own time.
When I lie my head down at night, I give thanks for all that occurred during my day, with an attitude of gratitude for what can only be described as "First World Problems". 
In the huge scope of things, my problems are trivial!  I am privileged to have the career that I … (17 comments)

sellers: Bothell House For Sale - Wash! Wash! Wash! RE POST - 08/23/11 05:12 AM
This applies regardless of where you live:  Cleanliness is next to Godliness!  If you're thinking of putting your home on the market, please follow the instructions below.  And, give me a call if you're in the Greater Kingston/Gananoque area . . .  together we can find a Buyer for your home and help you become one yourself!
Thanks Adrian for a great article!
Susan Emo,
Gananaoque, ON
comments disabled to allow you to visit Adrian's Blog!   Via Adrian Willanger:
Many people with a Bothell house for sale think that having a tidy house will be enough to impress a seller. … (0 comments)

Gananoque, Ontario
Another happy Seller.
Another happy Buyer.

The SOLD sign went up this evening at 291 Pine Street in Gananoque and smiles are all around.
The problem is we are running out of homes to sell!!
We have a shortage of inventory!
If you are thinking about selling your home but think you should wait until spring - THINK AGAIN!
Get your home on the market now  -  I have loads of out of town buyers looking to secure a sale!!!
Susan … (4 comments)

sellers: Gananoque - 5 Mistakes Sellers Make - 11/14/10 07:13 AM
Gananoque, On
If you are thinking of selling your home, you need to be aware of what your local competion is.  Ask your Realtor to take you around to the homes currently listed for sale in your area.  When you return home, you need to take a good honest look at your own home to see if any upgrades or renovations are needed.  Below, you will find 5 Mistakes that Sellers Make -  Let's make sure our Gananoque Sellers don't make these mistakes:

Five Bad Home Improvement IdeasYou consistently hear from the real estate industry that updated bathrooms and … (0 comments)

sellers: Susan Emo's Buyers and Sellers CHOOSE Gananoque Humane Society ! - 07/26/10 02:31 PM
Gananoque, ON
As promised in my earlier blog, effective Canada Day 2010, I had selected a few local charities for the purpose of giving back to the community through my real estate business, allowing my Buyers and Sellers to feel more a part of the town.   For each closed transaction I decided to provide $150 broken down as follows:   
The first $50 to the local charity of my choice and
the second $100.00 being chosen by my clients.   
Today I was proud to provide $300.00 to our local Gananoque and District Humane Society.  Two of my transactions have closed this month here … (18 comments)

sellers: Does Your Home Say to Buyers, "Honey, Stop the Car!" - 06/05/10 05:06 AM
Gananoque, On
Margaret in Maryland has written a great article and I thank her for allowing me to reblog for your benefit if you missed it the first time.  Enjoy!

What is it about the appearance of a home that makes a potential buyer say "Honey, Stop the Car... I LOVE that house!"
Your Crofton home doesn't get a second chance to make a good first impression, so let me ask... 
If you were a buyer, which of these homes would inspire a comment like that from you or your spouse?  I thought so... and potential homebuyers would probably agree.

Gananoque, On
Susan Emo keeps providing more and more added value to her Buying and Selling clients in the Gananoque, Ontario, 1000 Islands region . . .
Until December 31st 2010, we are in an exclusive partnership with our Gananoque Home Hardware.  To congratulate each Buyer or Seller on the sale or purchase of their new home, Susan Emo is providing a Certificate similar to the one below.  (Each Certificate will be documented, numbered and tracked - the following is an example only!)
Susan Emo is waiting for your call today to assist you in your Real Estate Adventure!

sellers: SOLD QUICKLY AT FULL PRICE...DARN IT!!!! - 11/07/09 05:31 AM
When the job is done right, the Sellers take the given advice, the Buyer's present themselves immediately and the deal is done.  Everyone moves on with their lives with as little stress and incovenience as possible!

When setting a listing price for a home, accurate information and evaluation of that information is critical.  The nuances of the neighborhood, knowledge of the comparable properties, current issues facing homeowners and buyers all come into play when setting a market value of a property.  Realtorscarry on a thorough discussion with their sellers, explaining all of the factors that affect their home's value.  The … (6 comments)

sellers: Two Important Approaches to Selling Real Estate That Will Sell Homes. - 09/03/09 08:23 AM
Tina Parker from Nova Scotia wrote this very informative post that I feel ALL SELLERS need to read.  Thanks Tina!

Evolving purchasing habits have changed through recent generations.  As I see it, there are two major reasons why there has been a shift in selling real estate; people want "move-in" ready homes and "an experience."
You are no doubt aware, most families and young professionals today are trying to balance work, never ending education, busy personal lives and debt.  People in our society just don't have the time they had in previous decades.  Increasing pressure to do more, get more, pay … (0 comments)

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