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Information about mortgage and home loans for North Carolina, specifically serving Charlotte, Matthews, Lake Norman, Huntersville, Pineville, Cornelius, Monroe, Gastonia, Concord and the sourrounding areas.
You like that title, huh? Well, its true... we became our own worst enemy! I am not talking about the mortgage meltdown.. that was more a combination of greedy execs, Wallstreet investors, a soaring and inflated housing market and a government that continues to ignore growing problems until every...
Recently I was looking around and ran across Alaska... got me to thinking... how is the Alaska Home Loan market these days? With the new Alaska FHA mortgage loan limits upwards of $300,000 plus, is this helping the Alaska FHA mortgage market? You don't hear anything in the national news or media...
HUD has long required properties to be held for 90 days by the seller before the property could qualify for an FHA mortgage loan. Effective June 9, 2008, HUD has waived the 90 day requirement in regards to homes being sold by lenders who foreclose on a property. CLARIFICATION: After further revie...
"Oh, so you are a mortgage guy huh? What's your Shtick? What gimmick do you run?" This was the question laid before me by someone calling themselves a sales professional. I asked, "what do you mean...Shtick?" "You know... what's your game? How are you different from the rest. I see all those webs...
I have posted a few blog entries, and comments about issues I have with Zillow. I have been asked what my "beef" with Zillow is, so I figure I might as well just lay it out there. This is a post explaining my concerns and will leave it open to discussion and allow each person to form their own op...
Its no secret that I am not a Zillow Fan. As many of you have seen, I have had several exchanges with the folks from Zillow and have stated my opinion. That being said, I am not out to start some crusade against Zillow. So I will leave that topic to die on its own and move on to more important to...
AVM: Automated Valuation Model. A system by which public data is interpretted to come up with an estimation of a property's value. Many lenders rely heavily upon AVMs. IN the past, some lenders used ONLY AVMs in their lending decisions, a practice that has left many of them facing major defaults ...
Come on Zillow. I have had enough! I am calling you out! Zillow recently posted an article indicating that if a listing real estate agent does NOT post their listings to Zillow, they may not be doing their job properly! Oh, and they did not make it open to the general public so that regular peopl...
I recently heard a case in which I personally believe an appraiser is being overly picky and troublesome. Here's the scenario, and I'd like to hear your opinion on this.... Purchase of townhome between two people that know each other in a FSBO transaction with FHA financing. In the initial apprai...
Recently, Jonathan Osman wrote a well pointed piece about how mortgage professionals are missing the boat when it comes to working with Realtors. I agree 100% with what he said, but wanted to bring another perspective to this topic. Realtors are missing the boat with Lenders as well. Sure, there ...

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