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Recently Zillow announced it's Mortgage Marketplace. I have to admit, I am not crazy about the idea of pitting lenders against each other for "blind" annonymous rate quotes. The whole idea of comparing my services against another lender with at best half the facts makes me nervous. Long term I se...
One of the biggest complaints from Realtors today is that it seems to be taking forever to close a loan, especially the FHA mortgage loans. The average turn time to get a loan submission through underwriting is roughly 21 business days... only counting business days means that's a month!One of th...
Charlotte Area Firefighters: You too can buy a home for Half Price!Yes, that's right. You can own a part of the city you risk your life to protect, and own it for only half price. As a full time Charlotte Firefighter, you can buy select HUD owned homes for 50% off!Say you find a home that HUD is ...
Attention Charlotte NC area School Teachers.Did you know that you have the ability to purchase a Charlotte HUD home for only 50% of the list price? That's right! Using the Good Neighbor Next Door program, Charlotte area teachers can buy a home for half price. In addition to that, Charlotte teache...
Earlier I posted my opinion on Zillow's new Mortgage Marketplace. Wow.. I actually got Zillow's attention. Not only did I get comments, I also got phone calls!So to be completely fair to their new system that allows borrowers to blindly pit lenders against each other to provide quotes based on......
I have been getting a lot of phone calls lately from Charlotte area real estate agents and salespeople. It seems that they have been seeing a lot of mortgage approvals getting denied! What in the world is going on?One of the most common concerns has to do with big local banks, such as Bank of Ame...
Wachovia has announced that they will now imposed minimum credit scores on products they did not have one in place. They did not disclose the specific products or what the scores are, but this does mean that Wachovia is getting tighter on offering mortgage loans. For those going directly to a ban...
So you have been pre-approved. Even better, you have actually been approved using an automated approval system. Now you know how much home you can buy and are ready to shop.But as you shop for your home the budget doesn't seem to be enough. "Can't I just get a little bit more?"I hear this often. ...
A question was recently asked of me regarding buying investment homes and getting the mortgage loan as an LLC, and it is one that has come up more than once recently. Here is the question: I've been working with a group of investors for about a year and a half now who is buying rental property in...
Ok, so this is not a real estate post and for that I apologize. But I really don't know any place else to post this so here goes....For those opposed to the War with Iraq, please take note of a very important fact: We Did Win the War against Iraq. We are no longer at war with Iraq. We are actuall...

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