active rain: Its your Fault Jonathan! - 06/02/08 06:08 AM
Jonathan Osman.. I am calling you out!
Seriously... it's your fault!
A while back Jonathan commented on one of my posts saying he was going to try to catch me and pass me in points. Everytime he'd get close, I'd jump back ahead... don't you love competition?
I actually took the time to talk to Jonathan and we had lunch. He is very intelligent and actually gets this whole real estate thing! From there I have been looking for ways to do business with Jonathan.
For the past couple months though, I have been somewhat quiet on AR. Work and life … (4 comments)

active rain: Steam, Motivation or Thoughts - 05/04/08 08:22 AM
As an Active Rain member that blogged virtually everyday for months, over the past couple months I must admit I have posted very little to the community. I can come up with all the excuses... lack of time, got busy, other things to do.. but when I sit back and ask myself what happened, I have to decide between a lack of steam, motivation or thoughts.
Personally, I think it is more the lack of steam than anything else. Not to use it as an excuse, but I have been very busy helping people get ready to buy a home in Charlotte, … (4 comments)

active rain: A great Compliment - 03/09/08 11:48 PM
There comes a time in everyone's career when you get this compliment. If you have been on the receiving end, you will know what I am talking about. If you have yet to experience it, keep plugging along and one day you will.
We all know some of the more well known competition in our areas. As a mortgage professional, there are names you see more often than others. After a while you begin to understand that the reason you see their name is because they are trusted and knowledgable. Afterall, who would recommend you if they did not trust you, your … (5 comments)

active rain: Playing in the Rain - 01/24/08 12:30 AM
As a consumer, I am always looking for the business that doesn't waste money. I know the more they waste, the more the services will cost me.
As a professional, I am always looking for ways to cut overhead costs so that my clients get the best possible service.
Enter Active Rain.
You see, right now if you do a Google search for "Charlotte home loans" you will find about 228,000 websites. Many of these lenders and loan officers are spending big money to SEO companies to get into the top pages. And by big money, I mean THOUSANDS of dollars! Between "slick" websites … (3 comments)

active rain: At least there's that - 01/12/08 02:18 AM
Character is what you have left when you've lost everything you can lose.  - Evan Esar
So I joined in October of last year and quickly was able to get up well over 38,000 points, coming up to 40,000 soon. At first, it was all about getting as many points as possible, as the competitive nature came out. But after a while I began to notice a pretty cool phenomenon...
My posts were being noticed by Google, and even more important, by people. And getting noticed on Localism was becoming more of a focus for me as this is where the general public … (55 comments)

active rain: Cool posting idea - 12/23/07 11:07 AM
Thanks to my news alerts, I found an idea I thought I'd share. When looking around online, if you run across a politician's website that is talking about the subprime mortgage meltdown, post a comment with a backlink or two to your own site. These sites are getting a lot of traffic... let that pay for you.
This info is brought to you by Ed Nailor, of The Ed Nailor Mortgage Team. Dedicated to educating, inspiring and assisting in the American Dream. - "when time and money really matter"
Ed Nailor
The Ed Nailor Mortgage Team
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active rain: 24 hr Google Bug! - 12/21/07 12:25 PM
So I created a new blog YESTERDAY at (
I was going to submit to Google so that it could begin getting indexed at some point. Only 3 blog entries so far, but hey... why not, right? Before I submitted it to Google, I decided to google the website address. I have a feeling that if we actually do a search for a site as we submit it, that maybe google will figure it needs to go see it. Maybe it works.. who knows...
But, when I did the simple Google search, my new Blog popped up on the results! Clicking … (5 comments)

active rain: Added blog benefits - 12/20/07 12:05 AM
With the benefits of blogging so evident, I have also started a new blog at
The nice thing here is it is easy to use, and for me very familiar since I already use WordPress on my own websites. So now I have ActiveRain,,, and now a blog located at
The challenge will be keeping content in all places, but I think that is managaeble. With great websites like and, I can find fresh content if I am stuck on creating my own.
Of course, AR content will ALWAYS be mine!
Just thought I'd share with ya!
Ed … (12 comments)

active rain: Google Alerts and Charlotte Posts - 12/11/07 10:08 AM
I recently signed up for Google Alerts to give me updates on the Charlotte, NC real estate market. Wouldn't you know an alert comes in and it is an Active Rain blog!
Terry McDonald posted a blog about Charlotte home prices being up from last year at 11.50 am. I got an alert at 2.24pm. That means in less than 3 hours after his post, Google had indexed it and sent it out in an alert!
That is awesome and exciting. What you submit here is spidered almost instantly!
Active Rain works folks!
Ed Nailor
The Ed Nailor Mortgage Team"when time and money really matter"
Ed Nailor … (9 comments)

active rain: 30,000 Points and Counting! - 12/11/07 08:27 AM
Ok, so I am not really so focused on the Points anymore, but damn... 30,000 points in such a short time!
In Mecklenburg County I am ranked #4, and #24 in all of North Carolina.
My goal is getting points was to get to the top of the ranks in my area so when someone visits Localism and sees the TOP LENDERS for that area, I am right there! ANd now, in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County I am #2 on Localism... heading for #1 shortly.
I don't care about the points... but the recognition as being one of the Top Anything in my area … (7 comments)

active rain: Where else? - 11/19/07 11:55 PM
Ok... so I am contributing to Active Rain daily.
I post to Craigslist now daily as well.
I am actively adding to my own blog on my own site.
I have discovered and post there.
Can anyone share other places for posting or running free ads? Maybe we can all learn from this!
Ed NailorHome Loans in Charlotte
1st Metropolitan Mortgage10801 Johnston Rd Suite 213Charlotte, NC 28226
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active rain: Do you go beyond the Points? - 11/19/07 10:46 PM
It has not taken me long to earn a respectable number of points here on Active Rain. I noticed from the beginning that those with the most points are featured everywhere and when someone is seeking a professional (especially on Localism) that the people near the top have the best shot at getting a call. So I set out to move up in ranks quickly.
I have learned that you can only post 10 blogs a week for the automatic 200 points, that you can comment on posts 10 times a day for 25 points each. So just by doing this 5 … (14 comments)

active rain: AR Question: Views - 11/13/07 06:17 AM
So I am looking through the groups I have subscribed to and see the views vs. comments. Got me wondering, if we post something on here that is also posted on Localism, does the view count on Active Rain also count the views on Localism? Just curious. And if not, is there a way to see how many views we have in Localism?

active rain: Another newbie question - Points for blogs - 11/05/07 03:27 AM
I have looked around and maybe I am missing it, but how do you know how many point any blog entry will get? I have a few that are only 200, some that are close to 300. Not that the number of words is any different (was my first thought), but I can not make heads or tails of it.
Is it the number of responses? Is it the number of views? Is there anywhere that actually breaks down some of the points structure?
Just curious as to how this all works.

active rain: Posting to more than 5 groups? - 11/05/07 03:21 AM
I did not know when I first started that I could only post a specific blog entry to a max of 5 groups. So as I checked off all of the groups I have joined and have interests in, the first 5 were the only ones that it took. Ok... fair enough. If that is the rule I can live with it.
Yet, as I am exploring different posts, I am noticing a number of people's posting that have been posted to 10 or 15 groups at once! How do you do this? It does not appear that they posted it again … (4 comments)

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