mortgages: How the Mortgage Industry Screwed it Up - 08/12/08 05:39 AM
You like that title, huh? Well, its true... we became our own worst enemy!
I am not talking about the mortgage meltdown.. that was more a combination of greedy execs, Wallstreet investors, a soaring and inflated housing market and a government that continues to ignore growing problems until everything falls apart.
No, I am talking about the dreaded "rate shopper."
You can't blame the potential borrower. They are simply playing the game that the mortgage industry created. They go from lender to lender asking for their "best rate" as if it is some hidden national treasure they must uncover. Items such … (29 comments)

mortgages: What's Your Shtick? You got one, right? - 06/19/08 08:02 AM
"Oh, so you are a mortgage guy huh? What's your Shtick? What gimmick do you run?"
This was the question laid before me by someone calling themselves a sales professional. I asked, "what do you mean...Shtick?"
"You know... what's your game? How are you different from the rest. I see all those websites out there offering free quotes, no 'hidden' fees (wink wink) and claiming to revolutionize the mortgage world. Where do you fit in? What's your Shtick?"
Wow! Is that what we have become? Is the mortgage world this messed up? Have we relugated ourselves to such insane and insulting … (3 comments)

mortgages: LLC, Investors and Buying Homes - 04/11/08 07:45 AM
A question was recently asked of me regarding buying investment homes and getting the mortgage loan as an LLC, and it is one that has come up more than once recently. Here is the question: 
I've been working with a group of investors for about a year and a half now who is buying rental property in Charlotte. I sell, rent, and manage what they own. Up to the beginning of this year they have been buying the property using conventional financing in one of their own names and simply quit claiming it to their LLC.
As of a few month's ago they have … (0 comments)

mortgages: Q&A: Income Loss and Mortgage Options - 03/25/08 02:35 AM
Recently I added a "Ask the Lender" section to my website. I wanted to have an avenue to provide answers to real questions people have. I can blog and post all I want about things I THINK people want to know about, but I really want to provide information people need. So this is my humble attempt to do so.
Here is the first question asked: 
I am in sales and things are tight. I have been in my home now for 3 years and have a good mortgage right now. However, due to the lower income this year, the monthly payment is … (0 comments)

mortgages: You call that news??? - 02/13/08 07:28 AM
Good grief!
The news media never ceases to amaze me!
Folks, if you think you are getting any real news when you tune in, please think again. In a recent article I posted at, I discussed how the news media is using misleading headlines in order to sell ad time. The evidence I witnessed last night was overwhelming!
It is sad that today our news media is more focused on headlines that keep you glued, than on actual facts and real stories. So many reports are now laced with conjectures, assumptions, and what-ifs. And then there is the blatant misleading of the general … (3 comments)

mortgages: And if Buyers don't want to buy.... - 01/30/08 09:23 AM
If the fans don't wanna come out to the ballpark, no one can stop 'em.  - Yogi Berra
"and if Buyers don't wanna buy...well, that's just silly!" - Ed Nailor
What an amazing time we are in! The market is ripe for the taking and the entry fee is lower than it's been in years! Such opportunity awaits... it would be foolish to sit on the sidelines waiting to see what happens next.
What am I talking about?
Now is THE time to buy!
This message brought to you by the Ed Nailor Mortgage Team of Charlotte, NC
Providing the Best Charlotte Mortgage Programs and Charlotte … (8 comments)

mortgages: Interest Only Mortgages: What, how and why - 01/28/08 11:21 PM
Today lenders are tighter than they have been in a while with the loan products they are offering. One of the main staples of most lenders is the interest only mortgage loan. But as we have seen with the mortgage meltdown and real estate slowdown, this may not the right mortgage loan for every buyer.
How can you tell if this is the right mortgage loan for you? How does it work? And what in the world does "interest only" even mean?
This is explored in an article entitled: Is Interest Only Right for You?
In the article, we explore what an interest … (4 comments)

mortgages: Fed Cuts 30 yr Mtg? - 01/22/08 01:26 PM
Diana Olick from CNBC wrote an interesting article about this. Here's the highlights: The 30 Year Fixed mortgage rate is NOT tied to short-term treasuries. Today's cut will affect short term ARMS, but not by much. This rate cut will not stop the foreclosures that are about to happen. Diana made a couple statements in addition to these facts, one I agree with and one that is just false...
Click the read more buttong to find out more about the impact of the fed rate cut on mortgages >>
This news update brought to you by
The Ed Nailor Mortgage Team
Charlotte Home Loans
704-651-8704 … (3 comments)

mortgages: Suzy, Suzy, Suzy... - 01/10/08 12:05 AM
Thank you to Eleanor for the inspriation on this post!
A collegue of mine recently expressed frustration in dealing with a client. This client wanted to sell their home, but had recently watched Suzy Orman advise someone NOT to sell right now. As my collegue tried to explain to the client, "We do not live in one of those areas that are suffering from a major declining market", the client seemed to take Suzy's advice more seriously.
Should we listen to Suzy? Or just ignore her? Here is what I had to say >> Read Entire Post
Oh and while you're reading the entire … (9 comments)

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