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Have you noticed lately that loans are a bit tougher to close today? It seems that things we used to be able to get around are now road blocks. I have been asked why this is, and without giving the obvious "its the market" answer, I dug a bit deeper to help people understand what is happening.Wha...
I am not political. I am not a republican or democrat.I am neither right or left.But in the Democratic race, I am getting excited to see what is going on.Personally, Clinton scares me, especially as a mortgage lender. But as an American that is tired of the BS that most politicians feed us and th...
FHA lenders are now implementing minimum credit scores for FHA mortgage loans. Although FHA does not require any minimum credit scores, most FHA mortgage lenders are beginning to require certain credit score levels before they will underwrite the loan.Why?Blame the subprime meltdown and the trend...
Many people still believe that because the Fed rate was just cut, we will see a dramatic drop in the 30 year fixed rate mortgage pricing. This is just not true since longer term mortgage rates are determined by the yields in the bond markets. So in order to help people see what is really going on...
While many people are considering buying a home, there are plenty of people that are just happy where they are. However, it is a great time to consider refinancing your Charlotte mortgage.Mortgage rates are low, some of the lowest we have seen in 40 years! As a matter of fact, if you have a mortg...
New Pre-Qualification Tool on EdNailor.comThe Ed Nailor Mortgage Team is proud to announce a new tool that potential homebuyers in Charlotte can use! The Easy Qualifier was designed to take the basic information and provide clients with a mortgage pre-qualification tool they can trust!If you are ...
Good grief!The news media never ceases to amaze me!Folks, if you think you are getting any real news when you tune in, please think again. In a recent article I posted at, I discussed how the news media is using misleading headlines in order to sell ad time. The evidence I witnessed ...
To those of you that actually take the time to read my blog, let me apologize for my absence. I have not posted to ActiveRain in nearly 2 weeks. For that I am sorry.The past couple weeks have been a whirlwind! Both of my toddlers were sick with the flu and my wife and I have both been fighting si...
Its an election year. The economy is struggling and the fear of a recession is lingering. Real estate values across the country are sliding backwards and home loan originations are off. So what is the White House thinking about?Charlotte NC. Yep, Dick Cheney visited Charlotte today and of all the...
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