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If the fans don't wanna come out to the ballpark, no one can stop 'em.  - Yogi Berra"and if Buyers don't wanna buy...well, that's just silly!" - Ed NailorWhat an amazing time we are in! The market is ripe for the taking and the entry fee is lower than it's been in years! Such opportunity awaits.....
Today lenders are tighter than they have been in a while with the loan products they are offering. One of the main staples of most lenders is the interest only mortgage loan. But as we have seen with the mortgage meltdown and real estate slowdown, this may not the right mortgage loan for every bu...
I hate politics.I know, they are a necessary evil and as a citizen of the United States it is my duty to vote and know what the canidates stand for. However, it seems that each election is proving that most stand for nothing more than getting elected and obtaining the power, prestige and money th...
Have you read all the news? It seems Wachovia is giving incentives to their employees to sell "Risky Loans." According to the Associated Press Wachovia is "pushing" risky negative amortization loans. And in today's negative mortgage press, this really comes off as if Wachovia is out to screw peop...
Fortune does not change men, it unmasks them. - Suzanne NeckerSo, what's behind your mask? Why are you in this business?I have had to ask myself that question recently. Without going into detail, I have had to re-evaluate my business, including why I do what I do. And some thoughts have had to ch...
We have seen mortgage rates drop over the past few weeks. They are at unbeliveable lows. As a matter of fact, they dropped like a rock the other day... Some of the rates I quoted and locked for people were numbers I have not seen in a long time.But yesterday was a Roller Coaster day. Mortgage rat...
As a consumer, I am always looking for the business that doesn't waste money. I know the more they waste, the more the services will cost me.As a professional, I am always looking for ways to cut overhead costs so that my clients get the best possible service.Enter Active Rain.You see, right now ...
Today on my way in to work, I had to take a more scenic route. I am glad I did, as I was exposed to something I normally would not see in "rush hour" morning traffic.Weddington, NC is a quiet town just outside of Charlotte, NC in Union county. It is one of the fastest growing areas and is attract...
The only thing that sustains one through life is the consciousness of the immense inferiority of everybody else, and this is a feeling that I have always cultivated.  - Oscar WildeOh have I met Mr. Wilde! At times he has taken the form of a lender, other times the form of a Realtor. Then there ar...
Diana Olick from CNBC wrote an interesting article about this. Here's the highlights: The 30 Year Fixed mortgage rate is NOT tied to short-term treasuries. Today's cut will affect short term ARMS, but not by much. This rate cut will not stop the foreclosures that are about to happen. Diana made a...

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