Breaking News:  C.A.R. is launching a Home Mortgage Protection Program! The Best part it is Free.  James Liptak, the 2009 President of C.A.R (California Association of Realtors) has sent out an e-mail blast, notifying the membership. Effective this Thursday April 2,2009 C.A.R. will launch a new p...
Many first time buyers ask, why do we need Title Insurance? What are the benefits? In California it is customary that the seller pays the Title Insurance and if the buyer has a loan, all the buyer has to do is to pay the Loan Tie-in fee's portions. Here are ten very important reasons, why you nee...
In case you did not know this, I would like to share this with you. I just found out last night. UNICEF is having what is called the Tap Project. Many local restaurants are participating in this event. This has started on March 22nd and it is continuing until March 28th 2009.  Customarily when yo...
It has been two weeks since I posted my first clarification. After numerous readings of the abbreviated as well as the detailed versions, some items were still not clear to everyone.I have received calls as well as numerous e-mails. Hence, I am writing this post, with the intent to help those ind...
The first annual "Woofstock 90210" is in the history books. Here it was on a perfect sunny 70+ degree weather on Sunday, Bill Crowe of "Pets 90210" and Cindy Brynan & Barbara Rosenman from the Beverly Hills Community Service Department organized a very successful event. The place Roxbury Park's ...
What I am about to tell you is  not standard around the country and that is why Beverly Hills, CA and Los Angeles, CA have a" reputation" in this country and around the world.  On the first Tuesday of Every Month the Crescent Hotel in Beverly Hills, ) A cl...
I am so amazed how quickly February went by. Part of it I attribute, since I have been very busy with buyers as well as sellers trying to find out what their property is worth in today' market. Not taking into consideration that the month is three days shorter then the others.  It is very interes...
Here we are February is in the history books. It went by so fast. OK in all fairness it is two to three days shorter then the rest of the months. So let us see how the Century City Condo Market fared.  Let us compare it to January (
  Well here we are February 2009 is in the history books. So let's see how it fared compared to January as well as last year.  The Active inventory has had a slight up tick, compared to the previous month. Currently there are 55 Active Listings compared to 51 Active Listings in January. I conside...
I feel the need to try to clarify the new $8000 Tax Credit for First Time home buyers. As I was chatting with my Accountant today we started talking about the New and Exiting incentive to get first time buyers into the real estate market.  As we were discussing the benefits we had a few questions...

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