As we all know there is limited amount of Vacant Land left. Particularly in the Greater Los Angeles area there is less and less of it available. I have been selling these investment lots for over 13+ years it takes a long time to sell, it is not as liquid as Stock, nevertheless I never had anyone...
The dilemma: Should I sell now or next year? Many sellers are asking themselves this question. As a trusted advisor you have to give good advice. I am constantly asked this question as I sit in front of my prospective clients. To me the answer is very clear. There are many reasons to sell now rat...
Did you know that in Korea 'dog' is still served as a Meal in Restaurants? I was catching up on my LA Times reading today and I was so shocked at what  I read in the September 4th Issue of the LA Times  written by John Glionna & Ju-Min Park of Seoul, South Korea, I had to post this. Some of you m...
Appraisals Delays and the Cause and Effect of these delays to all involved is just amazing.More often then I would like to know, Appraisals have been consistently reaching Lenders late. There have been a number of discussions about Appraisals by Realtors and Mortgage Brokers and the delays that t...
Here we are the Century City, CA Condominium Market Report a bit late, nevertheless still interesting. I find it always interesting when you talk to people who like to generalize how the real estate market is, based on their feelings, emotions or what they have heard in  The Active listings have ...
The Market Report for August 2009 for Playa Vista, CA. is quite different from the previous month. There is a larger inventory to choose from. There are currently 40 Active listings about a 7.5% increase in the inventory from previous month.  The Pending inventory consists of 15 buyers who have n...
I have compiled the Marina Del Rey Condominium  Market report for August.  The numbers seem very consistent with July’s Active Listings. Currently there are 184 Active Condominiums on the Market, compared to July it is one more. Properties that are in Escrow and Accepting Backup offers as well as...

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